Sunday, 4 January 2009

Small addition to last post

This is a small addition to my last post, since there seems to be a need for me to justify it.
if you have visited this article with a direct link, please go back and read the last one here:

NOTE: The last article was edited, which is made clear at that article itself!
I had agreed to delete my posts after Indyarocks deleted my account on their site and they have. So now edited out everything in both my articles.
I have retained the snapshots of the site screen, because in the comments form you can see their own explanation of the site's odd behaviour.

I couldn't figure out how to login without a "ok" or "login" button. I switched to using a better online service all thanks to its BRAND new BRAND ambassador Benne Batta :D
I thought it was a problem with my system..but I have had a format, a reinstall many times over since May and the page is still like that.

Besides, I got my own cell and I haven't had any problems.

Later I did figure out a way to login with that screwed up screen, I did so only to delete my account. After logging in, the page looked like this- My argument was only that, with the site conked out like this, there was no way I could interact with anyone. So its a mystery how Sanjay got into my list.

Their founder Kalyan has informed me(Through mail) that he personally oversees every new feature added to their website and there is no way that the information of the users on Indyarocks can fall into wrong hands.

I request the users not to take any action based on my articles, which is probably based on circumstances only I encountered (or realised).

Indyarocks wants to overtake Orkut very soon and I have no intention of harming their chances!

Happy new year to Indyarocks :D
All the best!


  1. Hi,

    The screen shots you posted up there is when there was a small load issue on our server. If you had done a Ctrl F5, or tried the site after a few minutes the issue you faced wouldn't have been there. Every site has these issues. I am sure you agree. Do you remember how many times you must have seen "Bad dougnut" statement on Orkut..

    Anywayz.. If you wish, we will surely delete your account.. But I do not want to make a deal here.. I want you to be completely aware of the facts. Even if you are leaving Indyarocks I want you to leave with the knowledge that we are a responsible company which puts in everything we have for providing its users the best possible experience. I want to win your trust again. It is very important for me.

    Hope you will email me at info @ indyarocks to better understand this issue.


  2. btw, about the ctrl+F5 thingy you mentioned,

    It's been like that for over 5 months in my case. It hasn't come back to normal!

  3. dude, let him go
    he will never accept the fact that his site is at fault.....
    We know..thats enough rite?

  4. please post the articles again. let everyone know

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  7. @anon above.. uhh what?

    And no, Im not posting the articles again. Its done. Its upto the users to decide on their own, I got what I wanted :P(I mean, got my account deleted)

  8. Could not find a suitable section so I written here, how to become a moderator for your forum, that need for this?

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