Tuesday, 20 January 2009

When will I be impressed with Obama?

You can read the title in any way you want, but what you MUST understand is that I mean 'I as an Indian'. And what it means is When we SHOULD be impressed.

Before I tell you about Obama, let us briefly talk (Fine, I'll talk you listen) about the great 'Western influence'

America is not a great nation because the Americans are superior to us. There is no demarcation to where intelligence ends and stupidity begins. It is just the way we accept things. In India, an intelligent man rarely gets to use his intelligence in the area he wishes to.
A Doctor always marries another Doctor, their son/daughter HAS to become a doctor and eventually HAS to marry a Doctor. Then they are expected to lead their pathetically doctored lives cheating poor sick people who make the mistake of visiting their clinic. A trend thats unbecoming of the field. Sooner or later, people will loose the respect for people in this profession. Let us be fair, this not something stuck to Doctors.
How can we expect to beat the west with such a closed mentality?

A Poor American kid who wants to write codes and stuff turns into the richest man in the world. Because his dream was accepted and kid was left alone to do what he thought he could do.

The only way the west influenced us was
-In the way the youngsters learnt that dating is cool because FRIENDS said so.
-Smoking pot / smoking / drinking is ok - People who do that are awesome - Hey the Yankees do it.
-Sex before marriage is ok. "Indian woman is now liberated" (why? because of sex - NOT because the Indian woman can now earn as much as the man and still bring up a normal child). Ironically it took the Americans to teach India - the land of Kamasutra.
-Kissing is OK in Hindi Cinema - why? Because it's ok in the western movies. It's just not ok in our culture, but who is paying attention to that anyway?

It's not really an influence, its an influenza!
You get the point? No? I can play this violin a little harder if you didnt hear that..? Ok...
(These are not opinions, but facts as you are well aware. Opinion is when I would say that dating is bad. But I haven't said that have I? Im keeping mum )

Coming to Obama.

Today I saw people's messages during Obama's Swearing in.
This News channel (If they still call them that) was airing messages of people who were "sending" their heart felt messages to Obama (Because he so cares what the Indian Public thinks).

Some messages:
I know Obama will change the world I know it.
Obama has created history. He has inspired me. (Just by winning the elections...what about the 4 years to go?)
Obama is the best leader we (we?) ever had!

how many of you know who our President is?
Lemme guess , 80% of you stopped for a moment to think up the answer?
And almost all of you are probably saying - The President is not very significant in our nation. Alright.

How many people cared to wish Our Prime Minister when he took Oath of office?
How many channels ever did air messages to the PM?
How many of you cared to watch the ceremony? (Yes I did)

Manmohan Singh might have a lousy office etc,. but as a Human Being he is probably way better than Obama. Then why is there more hysteria related to Obama.
India is major world power. Soon to be Super power of the world. But not, if we continue to have it our way.

If you have still not understood what I am trying to say, let me tell you, you will not understand the rest of this either. You can either read this completely and say
"What on earth has he written? WASTE"
or you can just close this page and go search for something else on the net.

When did Obama's campaign for American presidency start?
With all due respect, it started when his Black dad married his White mom and a mixed race son was born.
Would he have won if he was not a black man? (I have no doubt about his abilities as a leader. But you gotta ask that question)
After all, it's the home of electile dysfunction!

So, what counts is what he will do in the next four years at the helm of powers controlling the world's only super power.
So, When will I be impressed with Obama?

-He keeps to his word. The Manifest et al,. (Since its got so much to do with World Policies)

-He says, our energy consumption is a threat to the planet. Are you gonna just say that and mean that or will you really Go Green?
( Speaking of green - did you read about the Falling Ice shelves? Click here )

-What happens to the African countries (His Great Gran lives in Kenya). Will America, the richest nation in the world (Not for long) atleast now help them?

-Black people are people.

-Does, "Ties with India" mean "Ties with an Asian nation" or does it mean "World peace"?

The message is clear and simple. If you are a mature individual you are yet to be impressed.

All the Best to Obama.

All the best to Mankind.


  1. As an extension of Murphy law "more sensible the post, more dumb the questions" will be. .

    brace yourself ;)

  2. N yeah my first Q
    -Is this post abt the way we are making him sit on pedestal even before he was declared a king OR is is it abt the way we are bothering about some thing else which is not to be bothered about??

  3. I thought it will be an actually dumb question!

    Well, we have to be bothered about the world leaders, especially a super power like USA. But yes we are bothering more than necessary.

    And yes. We are already regarding him wayy tooo much already. We must leave that job to his country men.

    For us, he is a good man in a good position. Nothing else.

  4. Clothing is another thing that Indians ape from the west.. We dont get to see the traditional wears except during festivals or such cultural occasions.. How many times have we seen a guy wear a kurta-pyjama or a girl with Bindi !

    About Obama..I hope he becomes a silver lining in this period of recession. Whether America coming out of recession helps us or not, it needs to come out of recession asap being a superpower nation.
    It has been a one man show all the way for him. He has always been a excellent orator and proved his leadership skills time and again.
    Having promised that he will be "remaking" America, lets hope there will be fresh air all over.
    inbetween there is a lot of depth in what you have written.. Good luck

  5. he has all the features of a good president.with plenty of hopes pinned on him,only time can tell how well he delivers.

  6. I wouldn't agree entirely from you.

    Kissing scenes were taboo earlier; they are ok now. (Some of them are so badly done, you'd wish they were still taboo.) On the other cheek, we still have our song and dance sequences with which 'they' don't identify.
    The rest of the things too are acceptable now only because the world has opened up.

  7. agree with all of the above!

    @Julia Scissor
    Nice nick :D

  8. the guy seems to hav successfully connected wid ppl from diff walks of life..maybe coz of his background...although i personally find him strangely estimable...he just seems to be a man of words and not of deeds!

  9. Good post. One correction. Barack Obama is not a Muslim but a Christian.

  10. I Second Every Word you've written :)

    I did not to watch our PM take oath, but did watch Obama take his, foe some reason i had a feeling that some one might stir up a problem.
    (i had failed to watch Bush being thrown shoes at) :(
    to me obama is just another person on the presidents chair who, i think, better than bush. And im not sure whether he is a muslim.

  11. Bingo both of ya!
    He ain't, but his father was.

    Thnx for reminding me to notify that:


  12. Nice post, I can just explain in brief.

    you are criticizing (I believe)'western influence' that is all about media and fashion and entertainment scene. It is not the case, think about influence on education and technology. when we copy good things, some bad things might get subject of popularity. we have to accept that fact.

    2ndly, Obama gets his support from every layer, certainly he is a leader as America has been asked to meddle the fights for almost half the country of this planet (except India and Pakistan)

    3rd- Nobody in US gives a damn about his being Black or Muslim. It is his stature they are looking after. It is our cast culture influence us to look at him that way. get over it.

    and he is tightening up the screws that bush was playing with. In India, PM does not get that much support cause he puts committees which takes thousands years to submit thr reports, so nobody gives a damn about it.

    ** sorry it was as long as your post, I was just trying to be brief. but well written.