Monday, 2 February 2009

Bell bajao (Ring the doorbell) - Stop Domestic violence

There is this new campaign on TV , which airs public interest messages to urge people to do their bit in stopping domestic violence , by simply ringing the doorbell on any excuse just to make sure the offender gets the message.

The particular ad that caught my attention was of Boman Irani walking up to the door and ring the bell to say
" kya main ek phone kar sakta hoon? (Can I make a phone call?) "
and immediately his cell phone rings in his pocket and he answers to say
"Haan? maine hi phone kiya tha (yeah I had called) "

I was damn impressed by that one.

Most of the people don't make an effort to stop domestic violence when its happening somewhere near them. I know people of both the following examples-
50% of the women out their go on and on and on....about how men are bad, men are that , men are this...blah blah blah. Finally, when there is a wife-beater around, she wants her own man to sit at home and mind his own business than to go over and and put an end to it.
Men either don't want to cross their wives/mums, or they simply don't want to do anything about it themselves.
"It's their personal issues - we can't do anything "

Yes you can...ring the bell.

So simple. You don't have to say anything...just Ring.The.Bell.
Or knock the door. You don't need to get involved in their personal issues.

You just need an excuse and I thought of some (first two are from the ads) to add the insane touch to this post.

The top 10 Ring-The-Bell excuses are...

1)Can I make a phone call?

2)Can I borrow milk?

3)Can you turn down the volume of your TV? I don't like movies with brutality.

4)My son needs help with his homework - what is the spelling for 'police' ?

5)Do you have a hot girl in there by any chance? (Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S )

6)I am here to repair your toaster...what?...oh sorry, it says #420, I just assumed its your place, my mistake.

7)Can I use your bathroom?

8)Hey wanna come for a jog? Oh, you don't jog at midnight eh? ok - suit yourself.

9)I was just wondering and I wanted to know, who is our 3rd Prime Minister?

10)Can I play with your dog?

And if he is a really big guy, remember to scram immediately!

Ring the bell - and be a guardian angel!


  1. i too really loved that campaign :)

  2. Good blog. Its really insane to tell men to stop domestic violence when females initiate and 50% females are abusive to the extent that they threaten to file false rape case if someone tries to stop an abusive female. Have the creators thought of this or they are blind in their gynocentric misandrist rhetoric.

  3. Chill people , chill... :P
    It's a gender neutral post...happy? :)

  4. +
    And that means, stop flaming!

  5. I was impressed by the Boman Irani Ad and the one by children playing cricket...But what worries me is the aftermath,Will the really brutal people understand it???? Something more has to be done.

  6. @men's
    lol...are you married?

    havent watched the cricket one...shud-b-gud.

    Nothing more can be done. Or else, it will just result in more violence after our intrusion is over with.
    (whether wife beats husband or husband beats wife ;)

  7. Holy s#%t, Boman.. whatever has happened to you? Do you know what the men are facing at the hands of these modern women? The DV on men is raising to exponential proportions due to these educated women using laws to their advantage filing false cases. Moreover, u advocate to BELL BAJAO, i will appreciate it if it was really gender neutral. How do u know within the four walls, whether husband was hitting wife of wife was hitting husband? For a change, why cant u change the person opening the door is a wife and bleeding husband follows behind wife opening the door? Remember domestic voilence can happen to anybody i.e. men too. So, do not try to be biased in your ad. Remember even you are a man.I want u to be GENDER NEUTRAL.

  8. The domestic violence law in India is the most regressive and ridiculous of DV laws that exist in about 50-odd countries. Going to the police or the courts is simply not an option. So 'bell bajao' is one helluva idea. Generally people are passive to DV because they believe it's someone's personal and domestic matter.

  9. I just didn't want this to be a blame game :|

  10. hey iceman, this is the price u have to pay for fame. psychos wagging their tongue according to will :)

    good job btw

    you rock.ur the best.dont stop for anyone.


  11. @ Men's
    Plz Giv your Home address..
    i'll come and Ring The Bell!

  12. Thanks @ Rohit. I would have give you my home address if you had asked me when I was harrassed. Too late mate..
    Fortunately somebody rang a bell of the ambulance that saved my life ... for me being a victim of the harrassment of a WOMAN..

    I am not against the campaingn all we are saying is .. Understand that even men get harrassed. SO advertise this campaign for the cause of saving men too.. Too bad that people think men are never harrassed.

    Its unfortunate you are not able to see the point.

    Well. Nobody sees a point unless it happens to them..

    and kavya.. Hold on to your horses... fortunately fofr you , you are not a sister or mother of a man who was falsely harrassed on wrong 498a/ DV cases.. So things are looking rosy for you.

    This is not a MAN/WOMAN war that we are talking about . it is the the Plea to the govt of india and the citizens to understand the seriosity of the situation when 1.25000 woman were jailed for no reason..

    So be gender newtral when you ring a bell. Make sure that you are not electricuted while ringing the bells ..

    Thaz it ..

    Thanks for letting me express my views @ ICE.....

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  14. virtual warfield!
    but remember to have healthy arguments!India is a democratic country,and everybody can voice their opinions.

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  17. When somebody wakes me up from my sleep by ringing doorbell(bell bajao) for any reason(Donations, Vaccum Salesmen or Jholawalla feminists), I usually do a band bajaa on them. They enter my condo well dressed an go out limping in disheavelled rags and a black eye.

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  19. ur blog is now part of a mail fwd buddy
    i am reader from before & i was surprised to see ur link in the fwd..

    anyway dont worry about the people commenting against the post..

    after all they are men who were beaten up by women, u cant expect anything better from these loosers...

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  21. Stop misuse of dowry harassement law and DV Law5 February 2009 at 01:05

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  23. @all those idiots who actually think men are being ill-treated by women - Are you seriously bringing this up? Sure there are fat women teasing their husbands on TV, but come on, what about the actual real life cases where women are actually beaten up. Haven't you heard of wives getting beaten for not giving their drunkard husbands money for more alcohol? Its too bad if your other half is less than cordial with you, but its simply because you aren't the best spouse in the world. Do you compliment her if she looks nice or if she does something nice for you? Clean your ears, women like that kinda stuff, and if you want her to be nice to you, you gotta be nice to her once in a while!

    And its not just domestic violence, it implies indirectly at protecting womenfolk everywhere! I will digress here. Tell me one incident where you heard of men in pubs being beaten up and molested by women. Or when a man got 'gang'-raped by women? I'm not sexist but there's definitely a reason women fall under the weaker sex. I'm not implying that women need to be protected all the time(sure we can take care of ourselves, and that's because we are awesome), but there are times and places where we would be better off with men around us, though now I'm thinking with such members of the opposite sex, that might not be such a good idea.

    Atleast the Ring The Bell campaign aims to reduce(note- I said reduce, not eliminate) one kind of abuse towards women. I personally love the ads.

    @Iceman -awesome post!

  24. This sounds like a matter who is right, at least people are talking about it. this is a good sign...
    No major change in society has ever happened without friction. This friction is natural. I agree is DV law is not at its best form. But it can be ammended and re-ammended till everyone feel its fair and till it has reached a foolproof stage - where no woman can misuse it.
    There must be a way ! Where ONLY genuine cases will get a hearing !
    So men, do you think that would be fair...because im sure you are propogating against the DV act. Surely you dont support Domestic Violence do you? Or am I getting the wrong message? You have sisters too! Wont you like to know that she has some protection inside those four walls? Thats my take. Really want a feedback on my thoughts from you !