Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines day one and all!

No need to check the URL, you are still on Insanity Unlimited!!!
I found the pic and it inspired this post. Anyway, Valentine's day is a day created by greeting card companies to make people like me look like losers. Though I never felt like one, I would like to take you through how I spent some of my Valentines days.

2002 - I was in 9th standard (not grade you dope, standard)
I spent most of the day wondering what would be my perfect girl. I remember explaining this same description to my neighbour, much later. It was a really crazy description I guess.

2003 - I was in 10th standard. I had a lot of activity this studying. (You see, I was still a real student then)

2004 - First PU. I don't remember. But I was definitely not with a girl. I think the thought of having a girlfriend had struck me briefly. Thnx to my cousin Poo and her continuous pestering "You gotta get a girl...get a girl get a girl ". I had dropped the idea quickly.

2005 - Again, I was trying to study. Trying to unlearn a lot of nonsense I had learnt the last 2 years.

2006 - I finally had a date. With My granpa. He asked me to come over and do some channel tuning on his TV. It was a memorable Valentine's day, especially after he called me a "Cheap Engineer " after 3 hours of tuning and setting that made my eyes sink to the back of my head.

2007 - Was helping two of my best friends hook up with each other ( Applause please - One of my best achievements so far). They lived happily ever after. [Worth a mention, because the other couples split]


2008 - Wondering how it already had been a year since I went ga-ga over Priya. Wondering how she not being my perfect girl, managed to floor me. Wondering when it all started...

2009 - I am probably busy with something as I have been lately. But, Im still ga-ga and I am still wondering.

Despite all this commotion, the most unromantic realisation would be - I don't think I wanna get married.

Then what will I do? I will buy a snake along with a lot of cats. Turn into the crazy, tall, skinny, creepy guy with really long nails. Cricket balls that are hit into my house are never recovered because the kids are just too scared to enter my house and ask me for their balls. Hahahaaaaaa!!!

Man, I just love to spread the cheer. Happy valentines day again!

Just remember, if you love someone and the someone loves you, every single day is a celebration. You don't have to wait for Feb 14th.


  1. cheerios !!!
    happy valentine's day to you too.
    of all the people who would pledge their love for us,we had VTU sticking in today!Three cheers to VTU.Enjoy the fest!

  2. Wishing you a belated happy Vee Day to you too.

    Year 2007: Playing Cupid, eh? (which sounds a lot better than 'hook up'.) VD (I mean Valentine's Day) is more about love than sex, right?

  3. Agree completely for the last statement!I would like to quote the common sms which goes around during this time - "for those who have found their pairs,happy valentines' day and for others,happy independence day!"

  4. Just remember, if you love someone and the someone loves you, every single day is a celebration. You don't have to wait for Feb 14th.

    Aahaaa.. yen endingu! :)