Sunday, 22 March 2009

6 days of my life on the Indian Railways- The final Chapter

Allahabad station was huge and wide. Creating a good impression about the city outside. I spent 3-4 hours in the station itself, getting fresh and charging cellphones and stuff. I had decided to stay at the waiting room. All the while I was hogged by an autoricksaw fellow -

"Aap kahan se ho saabji? Chandigarh hain na? Dekh khe hi pata chal jata hain hum logon ko. Aap Chandigarh se ho..ap ko saste main ek kamra dhikhadu? sirf 120/-night "
(Where are you from? Chandigarh? Im sure you are from Chandigarh, we can tell pretty easily. You want me to find you a cheap place to stay?)

And I had a tough time trying to shoo him away.

Finally after realising that I was not allowed to go inside the waiting hall, I approached a good man (authority) called Akhilesh (Helping nature comes with the name I guess:) who helped me find a good safe place to stay there.

I walked barely 50 feet from the station to the hotel and I saw so much of Allahabad! More ecological balance. This time with cows. Sleeping on the road everywhere I looked. I am used to seeing cows on the road, but not like this even in my exaggerated imaginations.

I also saw weirdly shaped autos, which carried about 20 people at a time packed inside like a city bus. I saw some liquid or semi liquid poured on the road in huge quantities and which seemed to bother no one!

The hotel I checked into, gave me a room with a double bed for the prize of single bed rooms, because I asked for single and they didnt have any. All smiling and contented. I had the best sleep in many nights.

What happened when I was there?
Well, I saw the Sangam. The Allahabad fort. Remember, if somebody asks 200 bucks for a job or thing over there, you can pass 20 bucks to him and still be cheated.
I saw a great deal of "Allahabad Selection centre East" which people like to call the "Allahabad rejection centre East" (No ire intended).
I saw people. Lots and lots of people.
I saw only 5 girls in the entire city. FIVE GIRLS!! I was there for 6 days. It's not even one girl per day.
I started realising how pretty chicks from my town back home actually were! *Sniff* Maybe it was the air..or the water. Who cares. They are pretty!

I also realised that I was the only son of my parents which is why my stay at Allahabad and my dream was halted with a screech.(It's normal if you didn't understand the last line)

After all the sight seeing and enlightenment I was ready to get back.


I wanna point out that even though I have broken up the story into 4 parts, it has indeed turned out to be a really long post, especially one that you might not really be that interested in reading at all. But, you should know it was longer before and I rewrote it from the beginning just so that I can get it out of the way.
(Rubs reveals my long posts irritate her).

Keeping all that in mind, I wouldn't wanna write about the other half of my journey. Mainly because I found my journey onwards much more interesting. Journey back was just the same but only uneventful and monotonous.

I just want everyone to know that there is no place like our Home :)
The cleanest, the greenest. The best. I am not saying this because its our place, but because I have seen the others.

It was just an irony for me that for the first 22 years of my life, I wouldn't see more than 3 cities of my state. And when I do actually leave my state, I do it alone and I see a huge part of India.

It was one Helluva experience! But I am glad I am back.


  1. U traveled alone?... that's just really cool! Always wanted to do that but knowing how dangerous it can be I never will! and post some pics please :)

  2. cant imagine u roughin up a gay......
    nevertheless excitin journey... N did u seriously see only 5 gals in 6 days!!! Mysore is hell lot better,,i realize it now..

  3. @Perplexed
    I didn't take a cam with me. So unfortunately, my trip of a lifetime has to pics from, to remember by!

    @ Anush
    Thank you..I thought this one will never be posted

    I didn't rough him up nor was the intention. I tried to scare him down and he fell! He kinda lost his balance.

    And yeah FIVE chicks in the whole town. FIVE! I almost shouted one day - Why god why me?

    As I said - Glad I am back

  4. Long journeys in a train will always be cherished ones.... It reminds of the journey I had been many years ago :)

    Beautifully written, felt as though I was beside you throughout :) Especially that gay incident, I virtually saw him land on the floor with a loud thump :D

  5. "I also realised that I was the only son of my parents which is why my stay at Allahabad and my dream was halted with a screech.
    (It's normal if you didn't understand the last line)"

  6. Your journey kept me entertained, interested and screaming noooo, it ended all to soon for me. The email I have been writing has not been sent, it is in drafts and not sure I will send, it has comments/questions on almost every blog entry, at least thru March 2009 so far.

  7. Thnx Becky. Don't mind reading that mail at all :)