Sunday, 29 March 2009

April fools day

The last post about my trip was what we call a hangup. It's one of those stories that completely halt your blogging activity until you are done with that one. Since I got that draft complete,published and out of the way, I am hurrying to post this one before the 1st of April.

This is just a crazy idea I thought of. Curious to see how its taken in.

I hate to boast, but I have rarely fallen for pranks.[Like almost never]

Reason 1: People don't try hard enough
Reason 2: Lets not beat around the bush, I am too smart for you :P

Ok, I can now see some blood boiling! Good - just what I want.

This sounds crazy, but quite normal on this blog. I want you to try and fool me on April Fools day.

The winner gets a brand new this. I am in a generous mood.

Well apart from that you also get your name in a list of "People who fooled me" published on my blog after the thing is done

Why should that be an attractive offer to you?

1)You get to brag about it all your lives
2)For proof you get to show the list, which will never be deleted
3)If you are my college mate - This is probably your last chance!
4)Makes for good memories (Oh brother!)
5)Simply because you are someone who loves to have fun!

Well there are some rules.(come on, their are always rules):
1)I will decide if you fooled me (Trust me I am fair and sportive :P)
2)Your pranks gotta be extremely decent if you are gonna play it on me somewhere near my home
3)Please don't insult me :P
4)You can't do silly things like -
--------------->"OMG Look there" and say you fooled me when I looked.
--------------->Throw something on me - It's not fooling, It's...THROWING!

And last rule is..
5)Rubs not allowed :D ("Like I wanted to")

I can already hear all the rotten heads going "Huh! Who wants to play his dumb game" while the fun lovers are like "Let's teach him a lesson"

I dunno what is gonna be worse - This idea or your attempts but,
all I say is - Good luck loooosers!

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