Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mr.24X7 online

Guess who is back?
I wish someone cared! Well, anyway, it's me, I'm back.

I returned last Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. I have made quite a few friends all over. I made one full attempt at writing a blog about it. But it is lacking something, so haven't posted it. It seemed like an incomplete explanation (For those who actually read my stuff)! It may or may not go down as one of the hundreds of posts that never made it past the 'drafts' stage on Insanity Unlimited!!!

Anyway, I still don't feel like I am back. I have spent hardly 6 hours online in the last 2 months - all put together and I don't think things will get 'better' anytime soon either. And it's - 'better' - rather than - better - because I am actually enjoying. It's an irony, they used to call me 24X7 online!


  1. been away from internet for so long! but not being connected also has a charm, isn't it?
    and yes, your name gives more than a hint about your comfort level with summer.. :) thanks for dropping by..

  2. yes yes..that story is getting lengthy and nowhere.

    @GG pleasure

    @ Perplexed..

    Well someone is getting all the msgs, thnkfully!