Thursday, 2 April 2009

List of people who "fooled" me!

Now, before I announce the result I would like to tell you. I know you all sucked big time in your efforts to try and fool me. Even the ones who fall into the list. But please don't loose heart. Try and try till you succeed(Next year)!

Anyway, this is a list only because I promised. But none of these "tricks" qualify as a ..well..."trick"!

Here they are - In chronological order:

- Pradeep a.k.a Podhe

- Kavs

- Koli

Please don't make me explain how they fooled me, cause then the fools will really be them!

But the best trick was from my friend "Mr.Houdini" - One of my closest pals!

This guy has been very close to me. I have followed him like a lost puppy from high school to PU to Degree course. And I can't even count the number of things he has helped me with and so many times! I dunno how I would have managed most of the things without him.

Ten years (Wow! I calculated that just now, I can't believe it). It was not just ten years of 'knowing him'. We were actually close friends all through the ten years. If I felt like meeting him, it took me a 2 minute ride to do so - any day - FOR A DECADE!!!

I wake up in the morning on the fools day to find the message from him:

I'll be leaving the city tomorrow.. wil work in Chennai for a keep in touch..Good night! Shine on \m/

The Houdini hadn't kept in touch with me for about the last 3 months. I had left him a lot of messages and offliners asking him to get in touch with me the moment he got free from his hectic job. But apparently he hadn't been able to. The message clearly shocked me and woke me up completely.

I tried calling him immediately, but he was not picking up the phone.

A bit frustrated everything, I looked at his message again - Going away for a year!
I didn't know where the hell I was gonna be a year later. The future is completely uncertain like it always was. A lot of things suddenly rushing into my head making me kinda numb to a lot of things and I noticed his message sent time-


Ahhhh that filthy moron!! So I just text him " This is an April fools joke :) "

I spend the rest of the day with people who 'tried' and some 'succeeded' in fooling me. Finally in the evening when I least expected, Mr.Houdini calls me and this is how the conversation went.

Me(As soon as I picked up):
-I called you, you didn't pick up. You didn't reply either
H " Yeah, I saw that now. I was busy"

-Busy with what?

H "I'm really going. I am in the train now"

-Are you serious?

H "Yeah we all got transferred there.."

-I haven't heard from you for days

H "I was busy. I am staying in the same city and haven't even gone home properly"

-How often will you get online?

H "My net at home was disconnected. Nobody uses it any more. And I won't be coming online there either"

-I hadn't expected this, you know I am unsure where I will be after a year

H "Hmmm"


Some formalities and 'Keep in touch' kinda words later the call is cut.

And I'll cut this write up before it starts to sound like the season finale of FRIENDS

"We want the last ten years back"

"So do we! SO DO WE!"



  1. You fell for the trick so easily! Nad you say we sucked big time!!! Unfair!
    I am honoured to be on the list of ppl who have successfully fooled you! I ll cherish this forever!!! :D :D

  2. That's cause I was WAITING FOR HIM! ;P

  3. Well, yeah its confusing. He did actually go!

  4. U need to be fooled???kiddin;)

  5. Well, thats why I so confidently invited people to fool me!