Monday, 27 April 2009

Raka International On drive spy

Recently, I found this new thing infecting the systems coming mainly from browsing centres etc,. called Raka International On drive spy.

Now, I am not sure what this thing is. I wouldn't wanna jump to conclusions saying that it's a virus or a trojan. Even the latest updated antivirus / antispywares on my system didn't recognise the thing. Even the firewall didn't report anything suspicious.

But I have enough reasons to doubt the thing-
1)It comes in uninvited - In other words , Infects!
2)More importantly, it calls itself "SPY"
3)Processes spring up unwanted and unwarranted

The only problem I have faced so far by this thing is that it hogs system capacity when it starts.
God knows what other damage it has done to my system. Since I found out a way to remove this thing, or so I think, I will list out the simple steps here.

How to remove Raka International On drive spy?

The steps are listed out in detail for novices, experts and "experts" please bear with it.
If you can't see the whole picture - Click on it to view it properly!

Step 1 - Remove raka open from startup process -

1. Go to start menu
2. Run
3. Type "msconfig" and press enter
4. Under Startup tab uncheck the option that says __rakopen.exe or something like that
(Actually I forgot what the exact name was, but it should be pretty obvious ;)
5. Don't click on 'ok' or 'apply' yet. Go to next step.

Step 2 - Remove Raka open from startup menu
1. Again, I don't remove the exact name and again it should be obvious.
2. Go to Start>All programs>Startup
3. Right click on '__rakopen.exe' or anything which seems to be Raka
4. Select delete
5. Now click on Apply in the startup window in step 1
6. Restart the system.

They call it version 1.0.6
In case it is a virus/trojan and they do come back with another version, they will make it much harder to remove the virus. I expect the antiviruses to detect and delete them by then!

This method must work for you. If it does or even if it doesn't, please tell me about it here in the form of a comment! Also tell me if you figure out what the exact names were so that I can make this description a little more accurate. Hope it helps a few people at least!


  1. found u thru a forum.thnx 4d article,it helped me clean up my system

    u can safely call it a virus dude.....what else can it b.thnx again,keep up the good work

  2. Hi I'm the programmer of this what you called "Virus".
    Actually, a few months ago we had a virus, creating files "newfolder.exe". The antivirus then, din't detect it. My friends asked me to develop a solution for that.
    This virus, creates files in all folders of your removable disk, disables taskmanager and msconfig.
    I programmed this application to spread instead of "newfolder.exe", but does no harm to your comp.

    And that's why my application does not have a "Virus Print"...!

    Now that my application has served its purpose ("newfolder.exe" has been demolished!). You can safely remove it(it has no use.).

    for that. open task manager.

    goto processes. click on __rakopen.exe and kill the process.

    goto >> start menu >> programs >> startup >> delete __rakopen.exe.

    Im getting late. i'll soon telll you how to remove it from a pendrive.


  3. if you encountered any problem,its due to some other virus,reciding in your system. I say again, this program does not harm your comp.

  4. Mississippiguy26 July 2009 at 08:56

    u xpct us to believe ur trash? Programmer huh? loada crap.....just another crap worm

    @iceman thanx 4da info

  5. hi please advise how to remove raka from pendrive

  6. hi
    i tried to remove raka but i couldnt i followed ur steps i couldnt remove it. when i tried to remove it is coming like this
    "connot delete__Rakopen:Access is denied
    make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use"
    and it is affecting only mobiles when i connect any mobile to my system thru usb Plz do help me i m looking for ur reply

  7. Thank you very much guys... The solution works great...

  8. Hi there, thanks for all the solutions and descriptions..

    This RAKA is sure not just a worm..

    It got into my PC even when I was using it from a Login that do not have Admin rights..

    Next wierdly, when I try to kill or delete or remove this ugly stuff, my PC restarts.. Damn the creator for his Anti-superman tactics for removing newfolder.exe.. I don think Raka was made for this..

    I also suspect RAKA is getting its versions updated too..

  9. Pen drive infected with virus.. symentec thing dint work... is der ne other method 2 get rid off it!!!