Sunday, 12 April 2009


Now, this is completely new to me! My apologies to Miss Ping for overly delayed post.

I realised I am so set apart from the bloggers community(I'm not a blogger) when I started noticing this tag thing going on among bloggers and no matter how many times I noticed it, I couldn't understand it. I couldn't continue being ignorant when I finally got 'tagged' myself by Ping(Someone's stuff whom I ACTUALLY love to read-Interesting cause I don't like reading...Anything!). Thnx for that!

Now about the tag, the rule goes that I have to upload the 6th picture in my 6th folder and write a story about it and then ofcourse tag other people!

I dunno how you people organise your photos, but I have just folders and folders and to get to one picture, you may have to go through many folders!

Fortunately in my 6th folder there are two pictures of the same subject. So I am uploading one of them to talk about it!


Now, I know it doesn't sound very insane when I say that gardening is one of my hobbies. Well, I try!

Anyway, My mum told me about her childhood dream to have a lotus pond at home. So I made a pond for her and gradually my collection of lotus plants grew.

One such lotus plant is the White lotus which blooms only at night. The plant is not too hard to maintain and propogate. But if the flower blooms, then you can consider yourself REALLY lucky.

The lotus in my pond had bloomed for 3 years in a row and it had become so common that we stopped feeling anything special about it!

To make a long and boring story, short and boring, it stopped blooming and now after 1 full year, we had a white lotus in full bloom back in our household.


No matter what the story sounds like, I know all of you guys, even the insensitive ones, can't help admiring the beauty of that flower in that picture. So remember, it was in my garden!

Though it didnt bloom after that, I am contented. It might after a brief break. Or so I hope.


And I gotta tag some people lemme see, in alphabetical order -
[people whose blogs have been in my knowledge for a while and also are regular at blogging]

Anna Bond
Anup (Infinity and beyond)
Shilpa the great

Hoping atleast one of you will pick this up! ;)
A million thnx to Ping again.


  1. i had no clue that there was something called a tag.
    as for the pic-its a very good one.clearly,the lotus was the centre of attraction in your backyard.

  2. I have my own story abt this flower. Mother India went on a quest for this flower and finally got it. Mother India could not stop yapping abt it. "This flower blooms once a year and only in the nite. And its supposed to be lucky .. . . ." Finally the flower bloomed. And I spent arnd 30 mins to take snaps - me and the flower, jus the flower, mom and the flower.kudos. I had my Civil exam the next day. And I screwed it up like WAT? From then I considered it as a bad luck flower. But the pain is it started blooming more. damn.

  3. a lotus in your garden?? wow! nice to have taken the effort so that your mother's wish comes through:)

  4. @Gauri
    Yeah so sweet no? :P
    Choo Chweet oochi kooochi :P
    Kuch zyada hi bhav khatha hoon! ;)

    @Damn, how often does it bloom? It stopped in my ponds after that flower in the pic.

  5. Good Afternoon

    Looking forward to your next post

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