Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't Cheat on your girlfriend(s)

Hell hath no fury...

One fine day, when you are all alone walking in a dark lane, a rebellion of chicks, that goes by the name of Guldu girls or some name that I can't remember, ( What's in a name huh? ) and weird getups might run after you and beat you black and blue.

No sinner can get away from the ravenous claws of these scorned chicks! Think twice before you take on them...muhahahaha!

Btw, doesn't the guy resemble the Zuzu in the ad for dating tips?

*Note:This was a public service message sponsored by the dude in the picture - He learnt the hard way*


  1. I hope ya have learnt from your Mistake! :D

    And we are not 'guldu girls', mr guldu khan! :D

  2. now that i see the pic from your perspective,you sure do look like "dead meat"!!!! :P :P

  3. Three of them are my Project partners!!!.... Oops!

    GOD Save me! :D :P

  4. my claws are sharper than a butcher knife.....there's no escaping now...u asked for it...muuhahahaha

  5. Sorry, I think it was Goostlu girls.

    @AnushA Mince meat is more like it

    @Chweeeeeeet Rohit ;)
    You have been a good friend. I will deeply mourn when they are through with you

    Thank you. Your scratch marks from 6th sem are still fading