Friday, 1 May 2009

Small mark Big meaning

Note: This post was supposed to come 2 weeks ago, but I am not waiting for 5 years to post it again!

" Please vote Please vote! "

I was tired of getting this message or message ending with that line for a whole month last month. I understand that you think you are a "concerned", socially "aware" citizen. But are you?

I had almost zero faith in the parties wooing for attention. Ultimately after a lengthy thought I decided to go for the party which according to me had educated people and a good mix youth and responsibility. Though there is no party which measures upto such a description, I did think there was one which came close to it. That is the only reason I cast MY vote.

Of course, I am not gonna tell you whom I voted for, hopefully you will all be mature about it. Cause another thing I am tired of is

"Who did you vote for? "
"Neevu Yaav party? (Which party are you?) "

FYI, I am not "any party". In fact, I don't like politics at all, one random read on my blog should tell you that. Any politics, is dirty politics. I hate diplomatic behaviour, and political people.Period.

Coming back to the point I was trying to make. I don't think a person should be exercising his/her right to vote just because its his/her right. A person must vote, only if he independently can understand why a candidate(or party) needs to form the government. Being more scientifically inclined, I choose to analyse a case rather than go by the outer presentation.

My dad does choose to tell me which party is right, which party is wrong and I do consider his arguments. But I think on my own.
I prefer to go through what someone did in the past rather than what their manifesto says.

Lastly, I don't like communal parties. I don't like the divide and rule policy. I don't believe in religions and borders. And definitely I practice that whole-heartedly rather than just speak about it. That's where the personal opinion part comes in while choosing.

Hope you get the point?
I don't say/believe that my analysis was right.
I am just happy that I analysed and so my vote has some weight thrown behind it.

Don't VOTE!
Unless you know Whom you are voting & Why you are voting.
Don't be a voter - Be a Thinking voter!


  1. I guess there is a 'none of these' option available if you think all the candidates are unfit.

    Btw, what does the label 'hange sumne' mean?

  2. Even to vote for "None of these" You should be able to think right? :)

    Hange Sumne -> "Just like that!" or "For no reason"

  3. This post is different from ur regular insane ones ! Sometimes i feel happy that i have right to vote but looking at the current state of politics & politicians , its better not to vote .. Next time if there is any election , post this topic 1 week before :-)

  4. i agree with bhatta.
    you shouldve posted this before.

  5. I am happy somewhr tht congress won i dunno much as i am not much into politics either but just the fact tht atleast congress has ppl who r not villains serving in jail but also educated makes a better deal anyday. Apart from that as the voting or not voting thing goes, i think a stamp needn't be a reason for you to care for your country one can anyway do any good according to one's own methods. Casting your vote will only give you a feel that you participated, what about doing your actual bit, if at all that interests you.
    Well all this are simply my opinions, taken in all good faith :)
    YOU write good buddy, keep it up.

  6. yes someone goes through every one of your posts! from bottom to top though - start at the first one not the last meet the boy know the man.