Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Some Myths about - ME!

# I am a complete jerk

Of course I am not a complete jerk. Some features are missing. But I will get there, if I keep getting fcuked around.

# I am moody

wtfh! Moody? I have been in the Mood for Mischief for the last 22 years 10 months and 20 days and only that mood. How can being in just one single mood and be moody?
Eat mud!

It's the kind of stuff people tell about me to other people (read bakra) to make sure I never end up with a decent chick! Its a God Damned Conspiracy theory - be warned.

When this Myth was new I had the freaky community giving me all sorts of suggestions -

"You need to meditate"

"There are bigger problems in life...blah blah"

"Have you tried yoga?"

Yoga my ass!

# I hate women and I am a womaniser

I wanted to combine two common Myths here.
The first one is created by Girls.
The latter is created by boys.
A message to all those boys n girls who propogated this Myth, you were not completely wrong, I do hate you!

#I am a linux geek
Sorry. I just have linux like almost every other guy in class and I browse forums.
be a linux geek any day. Nor do I intend to make that impression, so don't ask me your hi-fi linux doubts when you already have the solution.

# I go to betta alone

No! That's the kind of stuff Aditi spreads for God knows what reason. I have gone there nearly a thousand times, sometimes 7 times a week and every time with a huge bunch of friends.

Trust me, betta or no betta, I am not kinda guy who likes to go places alone.

# I am a good programmer

LMAO. That's the kind of stuff the real talents in my class say to avoid being mobbed by people who want tips on coding! I'm neither a geek nor a nerd. I can write a C program to calculate 2+2 or something of that sort. Anything beyond that is rocket science for me.

# I am under weight

According to my physician I am exactly half a kilo above the lower bounds of the healthy range for my height!
Take that a full half a kilo - IN YOUR FACE BUGGA!

# I am good looking

You know one of those yahoo profiles you go to when you click on the 'view profile' option on the display image on your yahoo IM window? Well. A Junior from school was chatting with me after a long is the conversation copy pasted, names removed

Her: hiiiiiiii
Me: hello how are you

Her: I'm fine re, how are you?

Me: Im good too..


Blah blah for 5 such IMs

Her: Oh my god..
Me: What? What happened?

Her: Who is that person?
Me: Where?

Her: I clicked on your image and a new page opened up..
Me: what image what page?

Her: and then some hideous person. oh I can't look
Me: Hey..what are you talking about?

Her: You have that mouse picture no re?
Me: Yeah. Here? -------------->

Her: yeah. I clicked on it. It took me to some page. Oh, I dunno whose picture that is..

This got me a bit confused and I decided to open the profile and check it myself. I was wondering if I had been hacked or something. When the profile opened up, everything was quite normal, it WAS my photo. Something I had uploaded a few months ago and forgotten about.

Me: Are you sure you looked at my profile?

Her: Yeah!
Me: That's me only.

Her:But what happened to you?
Me: Why? Whats happened?

Her: Its ok, share your story with me...what happened to your face?
Me: Wait lemme see..

I paused for 60 seconds and..

Me: Oh that, thats not my pic. EEekk wonder how that got there. One of my friends must have played a trick on me...

Need I say more to bust this Myth? (btw, that particular picture has been deleted for the benefit of humanity)

And finally..just for the heck of it..

#I wrote this blog today

Aha gotcha again! I wrote it in April. Publishing the draft today. Only the second blog to go through to get published after entering the drafts section.

Myths BUSTED!!


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........wooooof!!! man this was really sumthg....aaasaamm buddy :)

  2. @Ping
    I wish I knew that one!

    thnx. What happened to your DP?

  3. hahaha!!!

    Oh good, now I have all the facts right!

    and if you ever wanna talk about what happened to..y'knw... I am here for you ;)

  4. @Rash
    Display Pic = DP

    Yeah I knew I could count on you. I'll ping ya when I'm ready :P

  5. myth #6 aint really a myth...I can vouch for it,so it means not just real talents of the class agree on it...i can vouch for ta fact dat ur niether a geek nor a nerd but certainly a rocket scientist!!

  6. "# I am under weight"- Interesting!

    I am also proper then since I am shorter than u by few cms and weigh few kgs less. :D

  7. @Rubs, thnx but, you know, now I'll have peep rubbishing all myth-busts! :D

    Dude. You are 20 kilos lighter than me and probably 3 inches shorter. You are a new low when it comes to being underweight.

  8. Hey iam 5 10.. dont think its a good idea to mention my weight here :D .. But only 6-7 kgs less than u.

  9. Hilarious!!! :D

    You are definitely not a geek or nerd, not underweight too, Good in programming, decent looking...... I wonder why ya wrote this post. But yeah its funny if actually ppl think its true!! :P

  10. aap mujhe sharminda kar rahe hain

  11. # I am a good programmer
    common, u r the saviour. You made our project, work finally!! I m not saying u r a genius programmer. but u r a really good programmer.

    # I go to betta alone
    Oh! U dont go alone.. I had thought u enjoy goin alone there!! :D

  12. Yeah man, i got bored of looking at myself hence i changed it(DP) :)

  13. @P

    Well, change is inevitable! Dug Dug!