Thursday, 18 June 2009

Still alive!

If y'al thought that activity from my side of the world was a bit low and that I was only absconding cause it was exams, then what do I say...your thinking is wrong. It was my modem that was such a pain in the Bee-High-and-uhh!

I got it exchanged after a long and hard fought battle with the authorities(long story) and also after recovering from a fever that seemed to be as bad as the one I had in 10th ("The fever of '02".... "ooooh!") I am back, and I will be backer after some time.

Last battle will be fought tomorrow. Along with the project Viva the day after.

And yes, as usual, I have screwed up all my exams yet another time, in case you were wondering if things changed a lot in between.

Meet you when I return from my very last screw up. Good luck to fellow warriors.


  1. you guys seem to be doing everything other than reading. Man, I cant forget CIPE and the lec too. She refused to give me 15. I had to score 23 in the next, which I eventually did. I had never worked so hard for any other sub. Damn her. She also made the whole the class apologize for bunking. not just apologize -- it was stand up and apologize. I wish I could sue her.

  2. so how was cip? I remember studying for that paper sitting in a theme restaurant named 1947!... we figured that would set the mood for learning all about our constitution... but then it just made us very hungry!

  3. @Damn
    LOL, I would have loved to watch that one. 20 somethings standing up and saying "soorrreeeeee maaaaaaaaam" in chorus :P

    Didn't she make yall stand up on the bench? :D

    Where is the restaurant?
    CIP was ok. Copied like hell. Turns even the copied answers were wrong!

  4. b'lore...outer ring road..

    how can you copy cip? don't they have diff sets of question papers or something?

  5. oh well, its pretty simple. First of all, you have the option of straining your eyes to look at the answers from the OMR sheets of the person two rows ahead. S/he will have the same set. Otherwise, you can shout question numbers to the person two rows behind you, who will shout back the answers.

    Another option is to note down where the question papers differ. They always differ from one another by only 25 questions and they will all be in order. Which means that if my first question appears as question 26 for you, I just have to add 25 to my question number and then look at your paper to know the answer you have marked.

    Simple isnt it? :P

  6. @perplexed...its VERRRRY easy to copy in CIPE....ask me..i got 60 just by copying....and 1947 is toooo bland......!!!!!! blech...!!

  7. That's odd, I had a really bad fever/illness/near-death-experience in 10th grade too. Apparently it was some type of "asian flu", as in coming from Asia I guess... ugh dont wanna think about that.

    Anyway, your blog has become quite active ;D