Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Hate..and love - expensive commodities!

This will be short:

I got an offliner after the last post, "Why do you hate the Americans so much?"

I never mentioned 'Americans' , I did mention 'America'

I do know a few Americans, and they are all neat people. I don't hate Americans or even Dislike them for that matter. (To answer that question, I was speaking about the selfish, dumbass, arrogant...policy, not the people - Well, maybe their politicians)

In fact I don't think I hate anybody. I never did. Personally I have always had hate clubs, and it almost always intrigued me than bother me. I agree I have disliked a few people recently. Not even that anymore. Isn't that great? It was bothering me that I was filling up with so many negative vibes. I don't exactly wanna be Mother Teresa, but I was reaching the limits.

I don't know why the change, but I'm loving it.

Monday, 27 July 2009

You scratch my back, I kick your butt

In a little town, there are 3 guys. Mr.A, Mr.B and a Mr.L.

Mr.A was poor and weak. But that is in the past when he was a kid. He is a big boy now. He is getting stronger, richer, he is coming up in life, the whole town is sitting up and taking notice.

Mr.B was at the top. Mr.B was Mr.It. He used hot air to get to the top, but of course, some credit has to be given. Now, his Numero Uno position is at risk.

Mr.L...well, Mr.L is just a joke. He is not Mr.C cause, well I dunno, I didn't think he was so far ahead at the line to get a 'C' so he got something like an L. I wanted to give him something as late as x,y,z, but they all sounded so cool, did not go with his image.

Here is the situation.

Mr.B is shit scared of Mr.A
Mr.B realises sooner or later he has to take out Mr.A sometime, but he doesn't know when. Because he just can't do it without a good reason. He now has to answer to a lot of people of the town you know.
Mr.B knows, he really can't take out Mr.A ALONE!

This is Mr.B's plan

1) Extend a hand of friendship with Mr.A (Read 'fake' or 'diplomatic')
Even promise to sell him nice big sticks for "security" because sticks are the In-Thing now! Sticks are soo IN!

2) Throw a nice juicy stake at Mr.L

3) B has an Ak-47, but sells a big knife to L, saying its the latest technology!

4) If and when the time comes, Let L attack A and soften him up. L takes all the kick ass punches and when A is finally getting tired and bleeding from the knife wounds, B comes in and knocks him out cold. Or at least, that's what B hopes to do!

But Mr.B, are you sure A is really as dumb as you think he is?


Match the following:

A,B and L

America, India and Pak


Please note: I know India is a she, not he, please don't try to be a smart ass!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Into the unknown

Confused, perplexed, puzzled and lost
dazed,amazed, on a ship with a broken mast
No job, no money, no love, no aim
Not even a simple dream to claim

I'm not unhappy, I'm not sad.
I'm not happy, I'm still mad!
Nothing going on nothing to tell,
boring life, boring as hell.

Am I where I wanted to be on this day?
Where do I wanna be 10 years from today?
What do I want from life, where do I wanna go?
I'm sitting on a neat boat, with nothing to row!

I dunno who I am, nor who I was
what is the meaning of this pause?
Is it just a phase? Will it pass?
Or will I laze all life like a lump of mass?

I look in the mirror, I see some guy
I look into it deep and ask who am I?
I don't know myself, how will you?
A stranger to myself, the strangest truth.

Its not about this or that or anything exact
Its just about the loose ends in fact
Time to forget all the drama, all the hype
High time I started, coming up in life!

I'll come up myself, I don't need nothing!
Into the unknown, into the wild, a real homecoming.
One fine day, my calling will come,
That day, the whole World will know Who I Am!