Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Into the unknown

Confused, perplexed, puzzled and lost
dazed,amazed, on a ship with a broken mast
No job, no money, no love, no aim
Not even a simple dream to claim

I'm not unhappy, I'm not sad.
I'm not happy, I'm still mad!
Nothing going on nothing to tell,
boring life, boring as hell.

Am I where I wanted to be on this day?
Where do I wanna be 10 years from today?
What do I want from life, where do I wanna go?
I'm sitting on a neat boat, with nothing to row!

I dunno who I am, nor who I was
what is the meaning of this pause?
Is it just a phase? Will it pass?
Or will I laze all life like a lump of mass?

I look in the mirror, I see some guy
I look into it deep and ask who am I?
I don't know myself, how will you?
A stranger to myself, the strangest truth.

Its not about this or that or anything exact
Its just about the loose ends in fact
Time to forget all the drama, all the hype
High time I started, coming up in life!

I'll come up myself, I don't need nothing!
Into the unknown, into the wild, a real homecoming.
One fine day, my calling will come,
That day, the whole World will know Who I Am!


  1. brilliant.Im amazed at how easily you can write a poem.And jealous....

  2. wow!! good stuff!!

    "One fine day, my calling will come,
    That day, the whole World will know Who I Am!" -> :D

  3. @Nush Thank you :D

    @Perplexed Yes! Haso haso, merabhi Very good time ayega!

    @GP Buddy, seriously, my friends will start wondering What I have told you :D (I havent done anything like that people)

    hehe. Relax man, nothing so bad!

    Anyway, thnx for the compliment Ganesh :)

  4. wonderful poem dude :)

    now i am thinking of publishing ur poems instead of searching for a job...

  5. The fifth para was good.....But there were a few ups and downs....

  6. Okie sir! Won't make mistakes next time :D

  7. Confused, perplexed, puzzled and lost -- Evn I m feeling the same!!

    There is always silence before the storm . Life is silent now. on a standstill.. There is definately a storm coming up!!

    Beautifully written, I liked the way it goes frm confusion to confidence :) :)

  8. \m/ Yeah baby! \m/ It's the state of mind of a lot of people I guess!

  9. welcome welcome.. i can feel the inside story of ur poem.... anyways it has come good.. nice..

  10. u r dazed,amazed nd bored at ta same time wow!!!(excellent job!) :)

  11. i thot its a positive that how u wrote it????????????????

    & I don get d actual meaning of d last line...............the whole world thing.......

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  14. @Rubs
    Actually there were supposed to be a paragraph also, which would have explained that amazed and yet bored part.

    You and Perplexed, and maybe some more are worried about the world part :D

    Its only metaphorical. Means to say, people I know and people who know me, will know my purpose on earth! :P
    Didn't want to make it sound so philosophical, so wrote it like that!

    Doesn't mean the WHOLE world exactly!

    And about the +ve thing.

    Yes, its positive. Thats why it ends +vely. (Doing some deep analysis of the poem eh? :D )

    All my write ups are +ve

    -ve people take it -vely
    +ve people take it +vely

  15. Splendid!!! damn i so feel this way yaar......awesome write-up buddy :)

  16. Awesome, I didn't know that u were such a good poet....

  17. Brillianto!!!

    I am amazed how you can write poems so easily. wake up the creative-guru in you and write more poems !!! :)

  18. Beautifully worded and expressed man, it gives a picture perfect reflection of your state of mind, loved it...:)

  19. @Hemanth @Him @Paali Thaaaank you :)

    @Kavs Sure!! I wake up late you know na? :P

  20. Brilliant!This poem definitely strikes a chord:)

  21. @TT thnx. Welcome to this place

    @Dee yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Finally :)

  22. Hmmm... people have used every word n expression.. :)

    Still I can Give you the best remarks..

    Keep it up dude :)
    100/100 :D

  23. Hey Dev!!
    Good one man. "I'm sitting on a neat boat, with nothing to row".... too good! Now u r a poet too!!

  24. @Mohan @Rohit @Naina
    Thank you!

    @Rohit wow 100? Gee :D

  25. very well written.. u have 32 comments, that says it all...

  26. your friends said it all, it is really very good. I would like very much to read more of your poems. So far the few I have read are beautiful, sad, thought provoking and from the heart.

  27. Sad? Oops! :D Looks I'm sending wrong signals ;)

    But Thnx for likin' em! :)

  28. you are not sending the wrong signals in your poems, I get a little sad when you write of a future that is better for you & everyone else. I think you know why that would make me a bit sad don't you?