Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Hate..and love - expensive commodities!

This will be short:

I got an offliner after the last post, "Why do you hate the Americans so much?"

I never mentioned 'Americans' , I did mention 'America'

I do know a few Americans, and they are all neat people. I don't hate Americans or even Dislike them for that matter. (To answer that question, I was speaking about the selfish, dumbass, arrogant...policy, not the people - Well, maybe their politicians)

In fact I don't think I hate anybody. I never did. Personally I have always had hate clubs, and it almost always intrigued me than bother me. I agree I have disliked a few people recently. Not even that anymore. Isn't that great? It was bothering me that I was filling up with so many negative vibes. I don't exactly wanna be Mother Teresa, but I was reaching the limits.

I don't know why the change, but I'm loving it.


  1. I personally feel it is better to ignore people you don't feel good with, rather than developing negative feelings.

  2. Yeah..well..yeah. That's exactly what I've been doing! Ask around ;)

    And to think, I felt I was wrong in doing that!

  3. Well,change is a good thing!

  4. nifty, you don't really need to hate anyone. i ignore a lot of people because i don't like to be around them lol its just that simple.

  5. the previous blog left me feeling like you didn't care for America and/or Americans. Again I mentioned it in that long email. Here you say "I don't think I hate Americans or even dislike them for that matter" have you decided on that one yet? I'm just asking because I am American.

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  7. Nothing to decide Becky. Like all my words, these come straight from my heart. I don't hate anyone. You ain't my first American friend, so how can I have Americans for friends if I hate/dislike them in general?

    I like making friends from all over the planet from all cultures and that's as true as it ever gets!