Monday, 17 August 2009

And then God said - "let there be sound!"

My god! Did you hear that sound? Strange mysterious noise in the sky?

Today early morning at 11:30 AM I heard some really huge thunder, which was anything but thunder! More like a boom.

I was having bath and there is was. BOOM! And the then it was followed by a dampening sound, like fading thunder which went on for nearly 2 minutes. Man I have never heard anything like it.

I was like Wicked!!! At last something is going in this city which now resembles a sleepy hill station!!

The sound came from the south where the Rare Metal Projects plant is located and it got me thinking.

What if some Uranium or Plutonium reactor thingy or something went outta control?

What if people outside got exposed to radiation?

What if everyone exposed to radiation turned into zombies?

What if people bitten by these zombies were also turned into zombies?

What if the city had to be sealed off for containment?

What if some really hot girl turns out to be all alone in this dreaded city?

What if I be her hero and save her along with me and my family?

What if...

Suddenly I heard another bang, which startled me outta my honey coated dreams. It was dad who banged on the door and shouted at me to..well..

"Get your a$$ out of the bath you filthy..."

Anyway, nobody knows yet what the sound was. It seems it was heard in the neighbouring cities.
People are all freaked out and shit. Policemen were running around crazy all day trying to figure out what happened.

I hope its something really cool. Not like some Sonic boom that a local scientist predicted. If its a sonic boom from a jet, it can't be heard in other cities, so that theory is hopefully buried. He is probably a dumb ass. There was supposedly a plane in the sky at the time. But a sonic boom from a plane will be heard long after its gone right! Huh! Kill joys.

See you next time, in the news, if at all I do turn out to be that hero! Or else, oh well, I still have my blog.

(Post Title inspired by Arjun)


  1. too bad i was in my office and couldnt hear anything at that time!
    and i can understand you hoping that something will happen in mysore.when i was a kid,i was always hoping betta would erupt into a volcano someday!

  2. It was supersonic jet -

    If u wanna be a hero like this, then hopefully that day may never come...

  3. Che what kind of a friend are you? :(

    And a kill joy too. :P

  4. i think you have been watching too much 'resident evil' :D

    so.. wat was that bang? :O

  5. oooooooo... thers blog owners aproval as well :O

  6. and this one too???

    hehehe, sorry couldnt help myself :P

    ill stop :D

    kekekeke :P

  7. Aree hell yeah! you sure gonna be tht hero one day, my heartiest wishes nd prayers for u dude :)
    Let peace prevail...

  8. @Shimmer.. kekekeke! :P Whats kekeke? Is it like Kakakaka?

    @Rash Tadaaaaaa...I feel like one already :P

  9. nope, is more like hehehehehe :P