Thursday, 20 August 2009


After severe public outcry against the lack of disclaimers on my blog, I have decided to add a disclaimer finally.

Please understand that if I have spoken about someone/something who sounds a lot like you (even if its you) I'm not speaking about you, because you are probably not worth it.

This blog is not for people who are offended easily and/or have relatively poorer sense of humour.

So reminding you, that, due to the kind of language used on this site, besides the fact that the author is inexcusably egocentric, it is not suitable for readers of any particular group, ethnicity, region or age!

So nobody should read it!
Please note: There are only two people who still read this blog, one is yourself, who is reading it right now and the other is not online. You both should know, you make your cold man happy!