Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Jobless, but not jobless

Ok. Today is Raksha Bhandan and I have spent the whole day hiding under my bed. The day is almost over and this is not exactly what I had in mind when I thought of my life in August 09 a few months ago.

I thought I'd be complaining about Stifled A/C rooms, polluted cities and about missing friends " :( " and stuff like that than about how ferocious the mosquitos are under my bed and the amount of dust the Maid forgot to clean up under there. I even tried to draw a tree and some hills and a sunset on all that dust, but it started looking like something else, that's when I realised I am no Picasso.

I am in one of those weird situations where you have been offered a job but the company doesn't really want you anymore. [Read Dipshit]

Here is an account of my life lately:

~I don't have a job! But still, I have no time to come online for over 20 mins. So don't scratch your head on the title.

~I might be busy, but I am still bored

~I have finally enjoyed in patches with - A trip to M.M.Hills, The K.R.S, a school reunion and usual hangouts at the Betta.

~My fighters are still not making any love!

~People take my words a whole lot seriously now. Everytime I post a blog, I have to explain something, everytime I publish a Rakhi Sawanth Joke, I have to explain I don't hate Rakhi Sawanth or Arnold Schwarzenegger or anybody.

~I am the most un-serious man in the world. I'd be laughing six feet under losers, get over it!

~When people ask me what I have been busy with, and I can't really sum it all up in one go, they all think I'm showing off to sound important and shit. They are pissing me off.

~Katrina Kaif is hot.

~Priyanka Chopra doesn't have taste.

~I am wondering if I should learn something in music or something. Though I don't know why.

~Tell me something, do I sound like a desperate guy? (Don't answer that, Its there to rhyme with - I dunno why)

~Now at least one person will say "Don't worry it will be alright" which is the last thing I want to hear right now.

~On the 'ok' to 'somewhat ok' news range -
The SMS group seems to working properly again. But its the old group not the new one. In case you wanted a few laughs everyday.
To join!

~Just a little more to convince you that life has totally hammered me right now:

~I think this is a crappy post, but I'm still publishing it. I dunno why.

~There are ants running around on my desk. I dunno why.

~I just used 'I dunno why' four times. I dunno why.


  1. kk seems to be replacing pc! :P
    and i thought ur fighters made love.

  2. @insanity uncle...
    3 points..
    1.Kats is HOT..
    2. Priyanka has taste..seen her in that maharashtrian saree in kameene?? oh myy.....ur taste buds go boom...
    3. a bit tounge in the cheek...if they are can they make love..!?! :P :P :P

  3. @Anusha Well, I thought so too. But no!

    @Smitha Aunty
    Her taste in guys. She always seems to be running after the girly ones. wtf!