Saturday, 15 August 2009!t jobless!

The most common question you run into these days is
"What you been upto"
"How you spending time?" etc,.

If you read the "Jobless, but not jobless" post, you be greatly surprised at the changes in the few days ever since.


For starters, I have been idle! Now, I may not be hard working, but still I am scared of the word idle. It's just I am always doing something, just that it ain't always productive. For example, blogging, chatting, well..something. Now I have been idle.

I write few lines for a new post, then I delete the whole post.
I decide to watch a movie, I close VLC when the credits begin.
I wanna play NFS, I say Im playing..but I never start a single pursuit/race.

-Ok, ok we get the point, So what the hell do you do?

I sit on my chair..and then I stare at the wall all day. You know what the scary part is? I am not even thinking when I do that.


For the last few days, my parents have grown tired of watching me do this and like a bolt outta the blue, my dad shot the dreaded question that every son would have nightmares about:

" You can't sit at home like this forever. You gotta go and do something soon. You are doing nothing at home! "

I'm like, Dad! It's F**kin recession, I even got a job, they just didn't call me! I'm searching alright? There are no openings for me...its not I like what I am doing here..baaaah!!!!

But Nope-uh! Nobody is taking any of that.

Let me tell you a secret. I'm no angel, but every time I was reminded of someone being unemployed, it used to break my heart. It's like a nightmare.


I watched a movie called Step Brothers. It's got that guy Will Ferrell in it. I hate that fool. All his movies are gross. I can't eat properly for days after watching his movies. But I did watch this one anyway.

The movie is about two grown ups, 39 and 43 or something each of who don't have a job and are living with their parents living off their earnings. They still act like kids n all. One of them actually ends with up a hot chick, but hey, isn't that why they call it a movie?

The movie is supposed to be comedy man, and it scared me so much that I almost sh!t myself.

Am I gonna be like the morons in that movie? Living off my parents work till I'm 40??

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but that's what the movie made me think.


Yesterday, I finally attended an interview for a call centre job (Well, it's sorta like a call centre). All through the process, I kept thinking

"What the fuck am I doing here?...What the FUCK am I DOING here?"

Four years back, if I knew that I would have ended up here after BE, I would have hanged myself I think. Besides, I did fuck up my BE. Ofcourse, VTU played a huge part in screwing my BE along with me. Sounds like gang rape doesn't it?

All through the interviews, I kept stressing on how I was NOT interested in their job.

"Are you comfortable working in a far away city?"


"Are you comfortable with.."


"But I didn't complete my question"


"Are you.."



"Nope!!! Nope nope nope!"


"I have so and so problem in my internet connection, everything is perfectly setup, how do I fix it?"

"well try checking the router bulbs.."

"Its perfect!"

"Ok, try the network connection settings, right click and..."

"That's also perfect!"


"Everything is perfect, but there is a problem"

"Ok, use trouble shoot"

"Can you take us through the troubleshooting steps?"

" troubleshoot" (In my mind I also heard myself say.."MORON!!")

That's when my "Technical" interview ended...abruptly.

But still, I was sent through to the last interview of the day.
In that last interview I must have really pissed him off..

"So..Mr.Ice...what is your dream job?"

"I would after some experience want to end up with development and stuff..y'know?"

"Ok, suppose I offer you our job and after 6 months, you get job in a development domain, what do you do?"

"If I had any chances of that, I don't think I would be attending your interview"

He stared at me with wide eyes for a moment, with half a heart to slap me. But he continued.

"Im giving you a situation"

"Oh hypothetical?"

"Ahh yes, that's the word, hypothetical"

"Ok, in that case, I would leave your job in a heartbeat"


and then again...

"Are you comfortable working in a far away city?"


"Are you comfortable with.."


"But I didn't complete my question"


"Are you.."



"Nope!!! Nope nope nope!"


"Well that's all the questions we have for you. Do you have a question for us?"

"I heard I can't attend any other interviews in other branches of your company if an offer is made to me by that true?"

"Why???? WHY????? WHY do you want to attend other interviews once you work for us?"

" Hypothetical situation :) "

" You can't! For TWO YEARS! "

"Thank you sir"

"Thank YOU! You can expect a phone call next week."


Well, If I were you, I wouldn't put my money on that offer :D

I'm really confused now.
One person says, - if they call you, go for it, don't be idle at home.

A senior says (and he is one wise guy) - Don't join, the job will be at odd hours, you will loose focus.

Dad says - we could use the money

Mum says - I dunno. It's your wish

Some Independence day huh? I can feel the freedom in my veins.

What the hell do I do?

I guess I'll just close blogger and go back to staring at the wall. Bye.


  1. If you feel the job is so f**ked up 4 u thn listen to ur heart and dont do it.

  2. Yeah, but then there is the confusion if this all what I deserve and don't realise it.
    That Im just pretending to be too big for my wheels.

  3. I want to say something positive/motivational/inspirational and all.. But I can't think of anything.

    It ain't your fault. Stupid bush messed up and we are paying for it! Blame it all on bush.. you will feel better...try it :) In fact.. the pigeon menace in my balcony is also his doing!

  4. Hey, its working. Yes, Bush is the root of all evil.

    It's because of him my dog kennel leaks.
    It's because of him there is fungi on my room wall.
    It's because of him I am still single.

    He is such an a$$hole! I will throw both my shoes at him if I ever meet him.

    Ahh that feels so much better. Thnx! :D :D

  5. DAMN! I thought i am the only one who's jobless and staring at walls all day :)
    Thanks dude!

  6. @Rash
    Anytime you feel you have the worst things happening, come over to me!

    Glad to help.

  7. All that i wan't to say is, man this is not wht u deserve