Tuesday, 18 August 2009

State of high temperature or agitation

I apologise for the confusing title :D I looked up the definition of fever and it said "state of high temperature or agitation" and I found it really funny. Agitation!!

Yesterday, I suffered from only the 5th or 6th headache of my life so far (Yes! That's true) and it was so bad that I felt like putting a bullet in my head.

At around 7 PM I caught fever and shivers and the pig started haunting our imaginations at home.

"What if I die before that zombie thingy happens in the city? I can never be a hero"

Anyway, it kept getting so bad, that I was sure I was not gonna wake up today morning. I went to bed on an empty stomach, a paracetamol and a rantac (No, I usually don't favour medicine/pills).

Yet, Wonder of wonders, here I am, after a rough night, tired but alive. And no fever.

Satan can sleep in peace - For Now!


Intern said...

wow :D yay! to paracetamol :P

Rashmi said...

Caution: One should not have any pill on empty stomach...u might not die of fever but you sure will thanks to this deed.

Iceman said...

@Shimmer -Yay you still know this blog exists. Yay! :P

No, some pills have to be taken on empty stomach

And yes, Paracetamol should NOT be taken on empty stomach. Which is why I took an extra Rantac :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Glad you woke up feeling better. Headaches are awful. I get a lot.