Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My path to self discovery

I have an energetic soul ("most active and adventurous of your group..jumpy and active and are a fun person to be around!")

My lucky number is 1 (Probably cause that's how much I used to score in my internals)

My nickname should be sporty

I am wolverine

I was born to be a detective cause I have a lot of natural instincts (Yeah, a guy who is writing about problems with self discovery)

Am the perfect guy with the girls and they are all over me cause I treat them so well (They must be all invisible)

Am a kitten because I am shy,vulnerable but sweet! (Yes, I puked after this)

Am Excellent at kissing("awesome" and "talented" )

Am in love and the victim is supposed to be lucky

The first letter of my soul mate starts with A

Adolph Hitler was my ancestor!

I can fly and...

I Am actually Jim Carey!!


I wrote this blog all this while on a mission to discover myself and ended up with nothing. All I had to do was ask Facebook!!

Dang it! Why don't people tell me about stuff like this in time?


  1. facebook knows it all!! *kitten?? heheheh!

  2. Looks like facebook has an answer if you have a question. :P
    Btw,how come we never noticed for all these years that youre Jim Carrey?

  3. purrr purrr!


    Yeah, they used to call me Jim Carrey of the class in my high school, wait till they find out I'm the real deal!