Thursday, 24 September 2009

You know things are just screwed up when...

---You get requests from the guys, who are hairier than the juggler and his bear, and the requests say "Hi, come with me to my farm, we can grow colourful fruits and vegetables and milk cute fat cows"

---You think this is the gayest thing you have ever seen and go "Dude! That's gay" until one fine day, the girl who plays the lead role in your honey coated dreams sends you the same invite and you accept. (Then religiously login everyday cause you get to send a gift each day and logout).

---Your wise cracks start appearing on SMS, status messages and low quality websites. And suddenly, you are the one who is not original.

---You realise there are very few hobbies that you can afford right now, and you are interested in none of them.

---You think everyday is a Tuesday until you realise its already weekend only because everybody is returning to the city to their homes. Sometimes you even ask "Is it september or October?"

---You have exceeded your net usage by 735MB this month. Dad is sharpening his axe.

---You move to Mafia wars for time pass (and get away from all the boredom and gayness in the world) and start slicing, dicing and icing losers world over. Boys will be boys? All of a sudden you are attacked by "Danger Kitty" and robbed off 12 million.

There is nothing better to boost your self esteem than being bullied by a 16 year old girl who calls herself Danger Kitty.

Why do I even try to be normal?


  1. aint it an human tendency act to be abnormal and try the best to be like others(normal)?

  2. uncle...dont think too much...!!! go to sleep....!!!

  3. wats up wid u buddy, everything kool?
    i think you need a big HUG...there u go lemme give u one virtual one atleast :)
    take care pal

  4. sad da..ur on too much of mafia wars!

  5. Ahh! How I missed your insanity all these months. Loved the post about Whine the Poo