Saturday, 31 October 2009

House Hunt

The term finally came to an end after 7 long years and staying in this lovely neighbourhood with its weird neighbours (remind me to write about that) will soon come to an end.

Initially in search of a house in lease, we finally agreed to start considering houses for rent also as the date (end of term) drew closer.

The thing about the houses we could afford is that they always had a rider. Either they were
- too small,
- or they didn't like dogs
-Water problem
- or they wanted their furniture to stay in the house - which was a big no no for us. On top of all the frustration of riding around under the hot sun from house to house that the brokers took us to, I had to handle with an extra embarrassment to the landlords about What I Do!

The brokers would always introduce me as 'Engineer sayabru' followed by the landlord(s) looking at me with a bit more respect than what I have been getting from the people I already know. Then THAT would be followed by me explaining how I was not really all what the broker meant and that I had just finished my BE and was jobless.

My father is a big piteel master. (In kannada slang, it means he talks too much. More than necessary sometimes). Thus I also had to bear with the looong looong unwanted stories (which I have already heard a million gazzilion times) that eventually led to nowhere. The landlords always thought that the whole story made a point somewhere in the end with respect to the house, only to realise otherwise. One thing I never understood was the fact that they all seemed to enjoy the story anyway, even after realising it was not required in the discussion. And I thought I was jobless!

I mean come on, how can you be entertained on hearing the story about how my granny lived in a new and only house in a lonely new area with no power for 4 months all alone(ofcourse with all the drama, masala and tadka marke), when you are actually negotiating the rent/lease?
I would have said, wtf old man, you here for rent or story telling?

Anyway, after all the searching we narrowed in on two houses. One in a land far far away, the kind of lands where charming princes and beautiful princess' come from. And the other quite close to where we live now. The latter was for rent while the former is on lease.

Lease kinda works out financially, but the problem was that my dad sometimes returns late on his khat-khatiya scooter. And if it broke down on the way, he being a cardiac patient definitely cannot push it all the way to the land far far away.

So it has been decided that we will go for the house on rent. Those who know me for real, please remind me to show you where we are moving into. I just began packing stuff and even returned some DIY furnitures that I had borrowed from aunt a few years ago.

The update about the blocked SIM is that it miraculously fixed itself, even though all the while the dealers and occasional customer care fellows were blaming the problem on me, that I had changed some settings. Yess sirr, after all I recently moved into the city straight from the deepest darkest jungles of the Amazon and have no clue about gadgets.

After nearly 45 houses, one has been settled. After the shifting is complete, I search for my job with 0.19% more seriousness than I had all this while.

Note that I had to write this one in a hurry as the internet connection might be temporarily terminated for the time being during the shifting process and the exile may last as long as the whole of next month keeping in mind the lazy bums from BSNL.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The day I almost sent an SMS forward

There are about 500 contacts in my phone book.

Out of these 500, 498 people do NOT send me any messages. Ever.

What is left is A and B. The only two people who send me any forwards.

Both A and B complain that I do not send them any forwards. My situation is very clear and simple.

A sends, receives, understands and likes only veg jokes.

B sends, receives, understands and likes only non veg jokes. In fact, B can't even laugh at the veg jokes even if s/he wants to.

[Non veg jokes - Sexed up jokes ;  Veg jokes - jokes about life and limb ]


Come 27th, I received over 10 good forwards on my phone. And I thought to myself - Is it my birthday or what? 10 messages? For me? This is the best day ever! Wait till A,B and rest of the Fortune 500 contacts receive my forwards today! Yeah Baby!!
Lo and behold, Kahani mein twist hain...all my outgoing has been blocked. WTF?

I did call customer care, but they have such a pathetic customer care service that you have to listen to the automated auntiji's voice for over 15 friggin minutes about all their excitingly unwanted offers. And it's not like, you can just call them up and keep the cellphone on your desk for 15 minutes while you go take a dump. You have to press a number every time the automated voice asks me to and she does that like every 40 seconds or else I have to start from the beginning.

"To know more about my dumbass dail-a-tone service press know about..."

And when I do get connected, some girl who sounds like she is the most exhausted woman in the world doesn't even want to pretend that she is interested in solving the problem and asks me to change the handset and hangs up after saying something like "Thank you for calling customer care...".

ನಿಮ್ಮ ತಾತ ಕೊಡ್ತಾನ ಹೊಸ handset?

I heard later that these cell service companies do such things if a SIM validity has drawn to an end as most customers are expected to change the SIM. Many faces of corruption! What an Idea Sirjee?

"Today is the day you will all remember as the day I almost sent you forwards!"

Sorry A & B..No cookie for you!

(Yes, my life is boring!)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


- Hey I got into some rough waters with the boys from down the lane. If you can get your chums from back in the day, you can help me win this bro.

-I can't call anyone from back in the day. But I'll tell you what. I'll give you company. I'll come with you to lose.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy ದೀಪಾವಳಿ (Deepavali)

Remember that sky rocket firecracker image I had on this page in the year I started writing here? Well about 2 people knew about my blog I guess most of you haven't seen it. The blog had a green background and the moving image was black and it never went well with each other. I was just wondering that it would do really well right now.

Oh..Happy ದೀಪಾವಳಿ everyone :) Don't ask me why the mix between English and Kannada in the wish. I hope all of ya have a great time.

This year I somehow feel like bursting crackers. Anybody else feel like it too? I burst my last cracker about 9 years ago. Well, its got nothing to do with the child labour issue in Shivakasi. I somehow feel a lot of families there are able feed because of the industry. Something like a necessary evil. I stopped for the environment ;) I know I know..boring. Won't be so boring when there is no place left to live.

Yet, somehow, I feel like bursting one or two this time. I have always enjoyed bursting crackers.

Letc what happens.

Meanwhile, You have a safe and happy time celebrating the festival! (Thnx to everyone who wished me on sms, mail and other means.)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hear that? Exactly!

I have had nothing new to tell or share.
Which is why Im nowhere to be seen.
Im not in exile, if that's what it seems.

Have you been reading my blog lately?
There is nothing to write about.

Oh yeah! We have to move soon. So we are searching for a new house. The property rates and rent/lease rates have really gone up around here. So the houses we like, we can't afford and the ones we can afford are really just mud walls covered with coconut leaves.

Our broker took us to one really bad condition house in the middle of nowhere. And the Landlady was so full of herself that she was shouting at the broker, with a loud, hoarse, vulgar voice in that koplu accent for being 15 mins late and just because of that she was not ready to show us the house. We were as it is rather pissed at being taken to the place, so my dad folded his hands at the lady with...ummm..."respect" and said "Maam, even if you show us the house, we won't live here, kindly get back to whatever you were doing. Sorry for the disturbance" :P My parents are very sarcastic when it comes to humour. Both mum and dad. So you know now where I get it from.

So we are still searching - for a house that can hold our movables and our egos as well as fit into our pockets.
There was one such place, very close to my college(former). Guess what, it even had a girls PG. Wohoo? Well no. The owner didn't like dogs. Any man who doesn't like dogs can't be my landlord. Hmmpphh!! So I forced my parents to stop checking it out in between. Bye bye Girls PG! My folks seemed to like the place.

BTW, I realised I haven't acknowledged a lot of comments on my blogs lately. Im sorry about that. The thing is I avoid pinging my own page for many many reasons. So I kinda lost track lately. Will do.
Mafia wars, the text based has really got me. I have moved a 100 levels since the last post.( For those who understand what that means.)

And oh. Can you believe Obama won the Nobel for peace? Thank God they hadn't given a noble to Mahatma Gandhi, or it would have been a disgrace to his soul. I mean, all the guy did was pump weapons and money into just another terrorist state.

What is the world coming to? 2012!!