Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy ದೀಪಾವಳಿ (Deepavali)

Remember that sky rocket firecracker image I had on this page in the year I started writing here? Well about 2 people knew about my blog I guess most of you haven't seen it. The blog had a green background and the moving image was black and it never went well with each other. I was just wondering that it would do really well right now.

Oh..Happy ದೀಪಾವಳಿ everyone :) Don't ask me why the mix between English and Kannada in the wish. I hope all of ya have a great time.

This year I somehow feel like bursting crackers. Anybody else feel like it too? I burst my last cracker about 9 years ago. Well, its got nothing to do with the child labour issue in Shivakasi. I somehow feel a lot of families there are able feed because of the industry. Something like a necessary evil. I stopped for the environment ;) I know I know..boring. Won't be so boring when there is no place left to live.

Yet, somehow, I feel like bursting one or two this time. I have always enjoyed bursting crackers.

Letc what happens.

Meanwhile, You have a safe and happy time celebrating the festival! (Thnx to everyone who wished me on sms, mail and other means.)


  1. NOOOOOO don't burst them!! the kids who are made to work there inhale an insane amount of lead that is as we all know cancer causing and many other disease causing... The lesser ppl buy the lesser the production and lesser will be the kids working and hence better for them in the long run..they will find some other kind of work..they need not die while working for food... Do NOT burst them PLEASE!!

  2. and also Happy deepavali :)

    And why comment moderation??

  3. so,did u burst the cracker(s)???

  4. Thank you Thank you..

    No. I didn't burst crackers. Just couldn't do it.