Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hear that? Exactly!

I have had nothing new to tell or share.
Which is why Im nowhere to be seen.
Im not in exile, if that's what it seems.

Have you been reading my blog lately?
There is nothing to write about.

Oh yeah! We have to move soon. So we are searching for a new house. The property rates and rent/lease rates have really gone up around here. So the houses we like, we can't afford and the ones we can afford are really just mud walls covered with coconut leaves.

Our broker took us to one really bad condition house in the middle of nowhere. And the Landlady was so full of herself that she was shouting at the broker, with a loud, hoarse, vulgar voice in that koplu accent for being 15 mins late and just because of that she was not ready to show us the house. We were as it is rather pissed at being taken to the place, so my dad folded his hands at the lady with...ummm..."respect" and said "Maam, even if you show us the house, we won't live here, kindly get back to whatever you were doing. Sorry for the disturbance" :P My parents are very sarcastic when it comes to humour. Both mum and dad. So you know now where I get it from.

So we are still searching - for a house that can hold our movables and our egos as well as fit into our pockets.
There was one such place, very close to my college(former). Guess what, it even had a girls PG. Wohoo? Well no. The owner didn't like dogs. Any man who doesn't like dogs can't be my landlord. Hmmpphh!! So I forced my parents to stop checking it out in between. Bye bye Girls PG! My folks seemed to like the place.

BTW, I realised I haven't acknowledged a lot of comments on my blogs lately. Im sorry about that. The thing is I avoid pinging my own page for many many reasons. So I kinda lost track lately. Will do.
Mafia wars, the text based has really got me. I have moved a 100 levels since the last post.( For those who understand what that means.)

And oh. Can you believe Obama won the Nobel for peace? Thank God they hadn't given a noble to Mahatma Gandhi, or it would have been a disgrace to his soul. I mean, all the guy did was pump weapons and money into just another terrorist state.

What is the world coming to? 2012!!


  1. good to see you back
    wanna hear about ut job (hunt)
    happy deepawali(its still is in kannada for u)

  2. You man house hunt? :D

    Will tell you when I find one

  3. I would hav sacrificed dog for girls pg......anyways hope u soon end up in ur dream house..

  4. best of luck
    i want a party with the best vodka afterwards

  5. If my mum read this post,even she wouldve understood the 2012 part :D