Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The day I almost sent an SMS forward

There are about 500 contacts in my phone book.

Out of these 500, 498 people do NOT send me any messages. Ever.

What is left is A and B. The only two people who send me any forwards.

Both A and B complain that I do not send them any forwards. My situation is very clear and simple.

A sends, receives, understands and likes only veg jokes.

B sends, receives, understands and likes only non veg jokes. In fact, B can't even laugh at the veg jokes even if s/he wants to.

[Non veg jokes - Sexed up jokes ;  Veg jokes - jokes about life and limb ]


Come 27th, I received over 10 good forwards on my phone. And I thought to myself - Is it my birthday or what? 10 messages? For me? This is the best day ever! Wait till A,B and rest of the Fortune 500 contacts receive my forwards today! Yeah Baby!!
Lo and behold, Kahani mein twist hain...all my outgoing has been blocked. WTF?

I did call customer care, but they have such a pathetic customer care service that you have to listen to the automated auntiji's voice for over 15 friggin minutes about all their excitingly unwanted offers. And it's not like, you can just call them up and keep the cellphone on your desk for 15 minutes while you go take a dump. You have to press a number every time the automated voice asks me to and she does that like every 40 seconds or else I have to start from the beginning.

"To know more about my dumbass dail-a-tone service press know about..."

And when I do get connected, some girl who sounds like she is the most exhausted woman in the world doesn't even want to pretend that she is interested in solving the problem and asks me to change the handset and hangs up after saying something like "Thank you for calling customer care...".

ನಿಮ್ಮ ತಾತ ಕೊಡ್ತಾನ ಹೊಸ handset?

I heard later that these cell service companies do such things if a SIM validity has drawn to an end as most customers are expected to change the SIM. Many faces of corruption! What an Idea Sirjee?

"Today is the day you will all remember as the day I almost sent you forwards!"

Sorry A & B..No cookie for you!

(Yes, my life is boring!)


  1. hehe.. you should have asked her that (nim taatha kodtana antha)

    I have an airtel landline and the customer care is horrible! the service is superb.. but to wait 20 mins to say my phone is dead is very annoying!

  2. Airtel is worse.They call you when you're having a bath to tell you that your last date to pay the bill is 21st Oct when you were actually billed on 23rd Oct.And they keep you on hold,while you're stuck listening to their standard Airtel tune(praying the water wont get cold),just to tell you that it was their mistake(Like you already didn't know that!!!!!)

  3. This is turning into a " Down with Airtel" thread :P

    We may have 110 million people with us ;)