Thursday, 26 November 2009

They were all just passing by

One fine noon, when I sit under the tree,
In my college, named W.T.F I E
Keeping out a very keen eye,
I watch, all these people pass by.

"I have the best make-up kit" girls,
hairdos with a 100 million curls,
with a record for the most insult hurls,
They were all just passing by.

I watch the Kamas and the Thamas,
and rest of the college maamas,
with their usual list of dramas,
They were all just passing by.

Famous drinkers, smokers, ones without who-who dillies,
the drooling starers, the wankers, the hilly-billies,
easy little targets for all the college bullies,
They were all just passing by.

The dopers and the junkies,
with their early morning funkies,
Just another troop of monkeys,
They were all just passing by.

One more honest pervert goes past,
with shameless lines that leave us aghast,
people with indecency unsurpassed,
They were all just passing by.

The teachers, and the "Teach-Her"s,
the flirty faculty creatures,
party poopers cum canteen squatters,
They were all just passing by.
The desperado and the "seductress",
Doubles for monsters from Lock Ness,
everyone who is trying to impress,
They were all just passing by.

The ones who think racing is cool,
"I am a racist" says one fool,
and every other kind of tool,
They were all just passing by.

The nerds with their glasses tight,
The exam dates giving them a fright,
mugging up with all their might,
They were all just passing by.

The nerdy girl with the broken back,
the useless kid who wants to hack,
a decent brain is all they lack,
Yet they were  passing by.

The noisy girl+boy gangs,
playing attention seeking pranks,
a funny mix of losers and skanks,
They were all just passing by.

And now a stanza dedicated to some mongs,
people who will take offense to this song,
diplomatic fags dunno where they belong,
They were all just passing by.

Best are the people on their own,
licking up an ice cream cone,
talking on their mobile phones,
They were all just passing by.

There is a B.E College for everyone and probably one in every kind, in WTF Institute of Engineering.


  1. hail hail iceman i bow before the mighty king
    amazing :)

  2. ^ Thnx bro

    Old name:

    Once upon a time in B.E

    New name:

    They were all just passing by

  3. very nice poem dude....u ve described abt everyone... superb dude :)

  4. I take a bow! :)
    Really nice. reminds me of NIE though :P

  5. dude...WTF...y did u waste ur time on typing abt WTF institute..!?? i mean is it really worth ur jobless time!??

  6. @Gan Thnx

    @Kavya Interesting. Is that where you studied?

    I wrote a nicey dicey one for the same place a long while back, you didn't read that?

  7. you've given space for all category of charecters. nice. i liked the last paragraph best.

  8. i started humming this in a tune after the first 2 paras, especially the "They were all just passing by" line.. Amusing work. :)

  9. Hey good one.. Give this to a college magazine.. :)

  10. Fucking hilarious dude... ;)

  11. U have summarized our 4 years of engineering :-) One thing i learnt after BE - "Life goes on" !

  12. wow!!! dude..well written..
    i stumbled across your blog..
    cool :)

  13. Nice one mate. There is space for everyone on this.. Good going, would love to c more from you :)