Sunday, 3 January 2010

High Hopes and a Happy new year

I was passing by a small apartment of 4 floors while sitting in a train back to home. I noticed a bunch of kids playing cricket on the roof of that building.

I recalled P, Ro n Me tried to do the same on the roof of our house, which is not a big deal because there is only one floor - ground floor. If the ball fell down, it was a pain to fetch it, but nothing compared to what these kids were upto.

The train came to a halt then and there and just as I wondered about the consequences of a runaway ball, the kid who was batting, missed the delivery and the brand new tennis ball fell 4 stories to the ground, bounced to pretty good height, as though in slow motion and finally found its way into one of the world famous open gutters in all the areas around our capital.

We all watched the ball go from flourescent bright green to a slushy brown and bog away on the dirty waters of the open drain.

Every single time I go on a train journey, there seems to be a story to write about here. But for great love of God, I don't! You will see why.

About ten minutes later, when the train finally began to move further, I wondered again as to why the kids had still not resumed playing.

Then it struck me - They didn't have the balls to play the game!

~                 ~               ~                 ~               ~                ~
I can see that your high hopes of an emotional story full of morale are shattered by this anti-climactic end. But don't worry be happy, cause its a happy new year -


Seems like it has started out really well for a LOT of people. Hope it has/will for you too!

Psst! I sooo wanna play cricket now!! And I feel pity for those dumbass kids :D