Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lost in Transition - Part II

I have been travelling to this city since I was,like,3. So getting adjusted to the place is not tough for me. I was homesick for about a week. Now I'm loving it here. Ofcourse, my mum is sonsick! ;) She cries every time I leave.

The conductors here are crazy. Everytime I supply exact change, they have an orgasm. Change is hard to find! One of them told me that the last time someone paid him with more than 5 Re1 coins was way back in 1994 when he had just joined the service.

The roommate has now brought in his computer and plays music loudly, till 1 AM while practising C programming. Guess what he listens to at full volume?

AKON!! (Imagine Akon on full volume while trying to catch some sleep in room brightly lit with tubelights with tip-tap-tip-tap typing sound in the background. Christ, kill me now!)

And he doesn't reduce the volume on request. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for his skinny ass, I don't want to end up fighting.

My manager is the grumpiest creature on earth. And she likes to shout. Just to establish her superiority I suspect. If you can hear voice, then you know you are within a kilometer of her cabin.

An interesting fact. The guys here think I'm decent. Muhahahahaha!!! (Good thing they don't know where Im blogging)

But I like the people in this place, even my roommates. Yes. These are nice people(even though they play music loudly). No hard feelings anywhere. Hopefully, this is something that is not just one the surface.

Im beginning to wonder if I am supposed to be feeling stressed out, because everybody else around me are complaining of stress. But what the hell?

Btw, I am so disconnected with the world till I return home. Do you know they got free internet in Singapore? I'm so fuckin jealous!

Its when you come here that the reality finally hits you that there is no REAL going back home. 40 hours visits to home doesn't really count as a return. This is the end of life as I have known it. Beginning of how it will be maybe for the next 20 years.

I can almost taste the raw mud as I sniff the hot air, which announces the arrival of summer. The fragrance, which once meant that exams were over and the sky was the limit for the next two months. Summer Vacations. I can still smell the summer in the air..but there are no vacations. Downside of being an adult that I always wanted to be.

Coming to being an adult. I am often caught laughing my heart out. Jumping around the corridors. Sometimes even making odd, weird faces at the security cameras. Playing with the rotating workstation chairs. Only to suddenly realise I am not supposed to be doing things like this anymore. You feel so stupid when you realise you are being silly.
Im a fine adult alright. And my dog Pluto is the queen of England. Please God, shower me with some maturity.

Grown up or not, I think my trasition process is almost over, I know my way around my place, I know my way around my daily chores here, I know my way around all the people I meet. There is just that feeling of that something that I have yet to finish, I just don't know what! [Maybe it will be a part of LIT-III]


  1. random confessions and ramblings of a satisfied brick.keep it coming :)

  2. "40 hours visits to home doesn't really count as a return."
    This is a hard hitting statement!!!!!!:)