Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lost in Transition

The start:
I now wake up early in the morning. I leave home at around 8:30, reach my destination at around 9

The Companions:
Studious people around me, after all this while, still manage to make me feel like Im doing nothing.
I just wonder sometimes, if they are so studious, what are they doing here? 

The enivronment:
Neat. Love it. LOVVEE it.

The room-mates:
#1: He doesn't believe in bathing everyday. Nuff said.

#2: This guy is someone I knew way back in my Pre-University days. He was a friend of a friend of a friend of mine and used to eat at the same place I used to. When I met him recently I remembered that I knew him long long ago, once upon a time, in a land far awar and he finally ended up being my room-mate.
The day we shifted, he completely threw me off my comfort zone by saying "All this is amazing, I had never thought I will ever see you again after CET, now look at where life has brought me, I am your room-mate"
Not being able to deal with such an embarrassing situation I just kept interaction with him to a minimum(which I accept is bad) and now he thinks I am a snob.

The One Cute Chick:
Why are all cute chicks dumb?

The Beautiful City:
Uhhhhh! Dhool, Mitti, Paseena. Mechanical lives of a Million Money Making Machines. Is there anybody who lives a life here? Show me them!
I don't seem to have enough time to appreciate the beauty of the city. Once very green (as I remember it from over a decade ago) now not so much.

The coffee:
I realise my addiction to coffee is much worse than I had feared. I just can't quit. On an average I consumed about 50-80gms of coffee. Now I tried to quit, and I cant.
S'pose I don't get coffee on a particular day, I get so drowsy, that people think Im drunk. If I fight the sleep, I get a terrible headache.
Thank God coffee is free. (Thank you God for Coffee, Chocolate and Cricket)

The Internet:
No more internet, must explain why the blog looks like its dying...

I thought of carrying my laptop, but its a very personal belonging. I can't risk it with roomates, one of who doesn't bathe everyday and the other who is waiting to murder me for being arrogant.

Will try to be more regular here from now.

The friends:
I miss my friends. I miss my chats. I miss cricket. I miss everything.

The dusk:
I want the day to end early, but it doesn't. What with all the studious people around me and all. Lights are on for like forever until almost the sun comes out. And then ofcourse, the sun DOES come out, so mera kamre main andhera kabhi nahin.
If you have been following my write-ups a long time, you will know I can't sleep with lights on.

All in all, I'm just another brick in the wall...atleast for the time being. Albeit a satified brick.


  1. before i read the post
    YO man welcome back
    this day could not have been better :)

  2. Oh no..that's bad! I can't sleep with lights on either, I know how annoying that can be!

    go explore bangalore.. it is a good place.. if you don't know where to start..let me know.. I will mail you a list of things that are must-visit/try!

    I miss it :(