Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Great Bus robbery

Waiting for a bus

6:05:00 PM My bus arrives with a LOT OF PEOPLE in it and I get in.

6:05:05 PM Im chatting with my mate on SMS as I wait for the conductor on the footboard

6:05:15 PM My cellphone still in my hands, I pay the conductor for my ticket while still standing on the footboard

6:05:20 PM I put my cellphone in my pocket, feel it with my hands from outside once, and grip a bar to pull myself upto the center of the bus from the footboard.

6:06:00 PM Cellphone STOLEN!

6:06:02 PM I realise my cellphone is missing when I check my pockets again.

6:06:20 PM A gentlemen is standing next to me listening to music on HIS phone, I snatch the phone from him, and dial my own number
" Error in Network Connection "

6:06:25 PM I ask the conductor to shut the door

6:06:30 PM Doors shut

6:06:35 PM I start shouting at the top of my voice at the whole crowd. In fact, I shout so loud (Those of you who have heard me can imagine..) the driver slams on the brakes and the bus jerks to a halt.

6:06:40 PM Another guy realises his phone is missing. Starts pleading to the thief to return his SIM...atleast.

6:07:00 PM I'm still shouting. "If I frisk you and find my cell, I'll this, I'll that..."

6:07:02 PM Thief realises his game is up.

6:07:05 PM Something falls on the floor *THUD*

6:07:10 PM My cellphone is found in parts all over the floor of the bus and is gathered by the other people and given to me. Nobody saw who threw it.

6:10:00 PM I'm still shouting at Mr.Thief to return the other guys cellphone. The other busy calling his own number. I have my doubts on a boy in a blue shirt and start giving him a real cold stare wondering how to ask him if I could frisk him.

He, probably realising what I was thinking, puts his hands inside his pockets and produces a brand new BlackBerry and shows it to me with shivering hands. Now this guy didn't look like he could buy a normal calculator on EMI, let alone a blackberry. Even though looks can be decieving, my doubts in this guy were solidified. Before I could ask him to empty all his pockets, the call from the other victim is received, on his own number.


"Sir you have my phone"

"Is that so?..."

"Sir where are you? I'll come and get it from you"

"Im at [Stop 11]"

"Stay there Sir, Im coming"

And he jumps out of the door and dashes in the opposite direction. FOOL! He himself got into the bus on Stop 12, which was long after Stop 11, how could the cellphone or the theif be there? I was shouting at him to stop, but all in vain.

Also, when my cellphone was thrown back onto the floor by Mr.Thief, it was, say, stop 20.

Idiots I say! And thats one smart thief. He flicked my phone in under 20 seconds. Some talent.

But that's one smart thief, outsmarted. I got my cellphone back!


  1. OMG.. and you got it back..that's nothing short of a miracle you know??

  2. Oye. Didn't know your phone was stolen. Good you atleast got it back. :)

  3. wow one hell of a thief and one hell of a detective......

  4. Kudos to you jr. sherlock holmes :P

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