Monday, 8 March 2010


After coming here, I seem to have lost my capacity to play a practical joke when I see one. My colleagues, if I may call them that still think I'm funny, but I feel I have quitened down a lot (Well, relatively).

I had been to this pizza hut few days back with my room mate. We were returning from another friends PG when we got really hungry. While either of us don't really like to spend too much money, which usually happens when you visit these pizza places, my friend mentioned that he has never had a pizza. I thought maybe he should today. Anyway, here we are sitting inside this place and a guy is sitting next to us, looking at the door. There is a cake kept in front of him where probably his companion was supposed to arrive.

As I drowned a tasty apple cinnamon ice tea (You gotta try that one) I noticed that the guy next to me was getting very uncomfortable. I figured that perhaps the person he was waiting for hadn't shown up for long and I began to feel sorry for him.

I hate to see lonely people and I had this deep urge to ask him to join us. I know! Thats quite weird. I KNOW! Alright, so I am just wondering what's gonna happen to him when all of a sudden all the guys working at the restaurant form a circle around the table and start singing "happy birthday". It was the guys's bday, as one of the waiters shouted out to us. It was nice. They followed up with their own version of "We will rock you" the words of which none of us could make out, but it nice, with all the rythmic stamping noise and all.

Well that is that. As we moved towards the end of our dinner, I noticed this bell that said "If you had a good time ring the bell".

Barely seconds after I noticed this, a couple who were leaving the restaurant rang the bell and the whole team of pizza guys shouted "THANK YOUUU!!"...

...An evil smile formed on my face. \m/

Finished off the pizza in a hurry, paid the bill asked my friend to wait at the door, went to the bell and..








"THAN...??...??...THANK..THANK YOU"



And as rest of the restaurant was busy laughing at the pizza guys' puzzled looks, I made my exit before they realised what was up.


Gauri Gharpure said...

a similar thing happened when a 2-year-old took fancy to the bell.. :D

shilpa said...

lol...u shld try one practical joke at ur office too before they start taking u seriously!

Kavya said...

Koooooole :) :D

Anonymous said...

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v said...

haha I wanted to comment but the comment above cracked me up so much that I forgot what I wanted to say!

gratefulness!!!! I thought you moderate comments?

Iceman said...

Gratefulness to him that he cracked us up!

I do moderate 'em but, lately only look for links from bot comments if its from a new reader ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Iceman said...

@Anonymous (above)

We were just having fun. Please don't mind :)