Thursday, 4 March 2010

Why I must keep this blog alive

While I am not aiming at any sort of ego massaging, I would still like to establish the fact that bloggers are a dwindling species. You(bloggers) and I are priceless.

Read this little article that says:
Youngsters prefer Facebook to blogging

So blogging will be classic in around 5 years. There will be no bloggers but just blog readers. While I am ok with twitter, 140 really cramps my style. I make a lot of noise on FB too..but I think I am much more than just 'likes' and 'comments'.

If you are a blogger, you now know, that you must keep YOUR blog alive.


  1. You have done more than your bit by being a real blogger left. One among the 1411 :P

  2. Ladylike Post. This post helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

  3. Lady like post??? :O WHAT???

  4. I've never been on twitter..but I've had a exhausting record on facebook...and then I quit that site too.

    Major drawback I felt with fb was that nobody cared for the authenticity of the information.

    Also the efforts put behind sharing something were not enough(you like someone's status, you just had to copy-paste it). Hence nothing commanded respect from nowhere(except if you were a girl and had a stunning profile pic)

    With blogger I feel it is the other way around. People expect you to come up with authentic sources. If you don't, somebody wiser than you might catch you.

    Also many bloggers put honest efforts in writing their blogs...for me that is reason enough to be on blogger.

    Plus spam comments on blogger are better than good one/nice one/superlike comments of facebook. At-least they don't know what they are saying when they are saying ;)

  5. Rohan, take a bow. I couldn't put it better myself. Though I have come to like twitter. Its a good pass time when you are in office :D