Friday, 16 April 2010

Not in this life...or next

The news is that on Monday I will get the big decision. The decision that will tell where I am headed.

A little birdie told me I will be posted out of the state and it will be the


The guy/gal/it who posts me outta state is a   %&($()   #&%(*   .!..

I am never going to the location down south, especially. Believe you me. I will stop the bus on the state border and hang myself on a tree instead. Maybe, I will hop across the border to piss on them and back before I hang myself.

I will probably post an update about it on my twitter, unless of course I'm fuming enough to make hell shit in its pants, which is likely the case, so don't wait for it.


djd said...

Best of luck

Iceman said...

For hanging myself?

djd said...

NO chill na hw bad can it be?
it could mean something new also something better

v said...

I am telling you.. It's the end of the good life! DON'T GO.

Abhishek said...

so, where ru posted?

Iceman said...

Update..I got posted right here! :)