Friday, 9 April 2010


I'm gradually beginning to dread weekends. They have become the busiest days of my week.

Once called Mr.24x7 Online...I hardly spend 20 minutes online now.

Anyway, I just got home. On my way here in the bus, I had a guy with a fat ass sitting next to me and I hardly had any space to sit. I heaved a sign of relief when fat ass got off mid-way and a woman with a fatter ass sat next to me(almost on me) and squeezed me half to hell by pushing my poor straw-like body against the body of the bus.

I have been missing blogging. You still remember the 'Save our bloggers' campaign right? Only 1411 real bloggers left. Do your bit to save us. Or should I upload a cute picture of me sleeping? (Yes cute, I'm good at Photoshop)

I need a break. I think I'll go to sleep.


  1. life changes :/
    so do the things we do

  2. Happens. Growing up means life inside out and upside down.

  3. hmm...dont wanna grow up.

    @Rash..yeah..haven't seen ya around either?