Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Confusions, Confusions Go away

Too bad. Too bad. There were people around me confused about stuff, now they are all so clear about their future, about what they want. And here I am, almost 24, still not clear about where I am going, why I am going.

Life changing steps freak me out. I have never planned anything. Things always just seem to work out. But what if I run out of luck?

You get the drift. I can't be like this forever. I don't want to know my future, I like being surprised, but I want a little more clarity on the decisions I am gonna be taking.

Please God Please, tell me whether I should buy a DVD writer or wait for a Blue-Ray reader?

Send me a sign. (Or maybe money to buy both).


  1. LOL-seems like you're confused about a lot more things than just the DVD writer/Blue ray reader.

  2. Such tough decisions! Life sure is hard on you..

  3. Sigh :P
    trust me there is no perfect decision on this one

  4. And the update is..I bought neither. I spent it on the deposit for the new house!