Sunday, 9 May 2010

Looking for a house again

I'm so fcukin tired of looking for a house. All the guys who got posting in the same city along with me are now looking for a house with me. And come Monday I have to start looking for a house again. Can't I throw me feet up for a while? I had enough house searching only recently back in hometown. My family shifted only weeks ago. And I didn't even get to unpack.

Come ON!

Maybe I must consider a career in Real Estate. "Oh you will just love this house, the window opens to a view of two cows and many many flies and you know what? You can wake everyday to the smell of that dung..just like the good old country side. You will wonder if you are really living in a metro. And here is a bonus package, you get to fist fight with the civilized neighbours everyday for different reasons, turning you into a real man."

I'm sure I have it in me.

Yeah..we looked into two houses so far..both were rubbish. I wish I was just rich enough to live alone. I didn't have to worry about walking into the house after work to a bunch of room-mates watching porn(Seriously, I don't get the point or kicks in watching someone else do it, call me what you want) with so much intensity that if they had focussed so much on work or studies, they would be my landlord rather than my room-mates. Or someone playing Akon or Malayalam movie songs at full volume at the middle of the night.

I'm not complaining...I have just always been this private guy when it comes to my personal space. All this room-mates thing feels so invaded upon.

I can only hope that this week that I get at least, AT LEAST a good house for a good price, in a good locality(Without cows and flies), I don't mind being without a bit of personal space for a while now.


  1. The 'single child syndrome'

  2. Soon, you'll be penning a book titled 'The Art of House Hunting' :P

  3. @preplexed
    Awww is it so?iam gonna suffer a lot :D
    Iceman do let us know hw the real estate business goes ;)

  4. In a nutshell. Did get house..but I didn't look for it. I hate it!