Saturday, 1 May 2010

The week that wows

Ok. Here is my week in a nutshell.

* Got the big news, I'm not gonna be posted away, I'm STAYING RIGHT HERE! I'm so relieved.

* Rode at 120+ on India's second longest bridge.

* Got to see the Satyam campus and its WICKED!! Seriously..its way better than infy or whatever campus I have seen so far in real or on TV/news. It beats most of the college campuses too. The architecture (is above average, if not best), the trees, and oh the BIG tree..the banyan. Just awesome. Its so much put into an average amount of area. Sad that the organisation had a bumpy time in the recent past.

* Appeared for a cricket team selection just for the hell of it, bowled a bit and got selected.

* Bought myself a Beautiful Betta (Fighter Fish). He is a curious little devil.

* Was told I will be put into a dev role when everyone around is getting testing.

* And my cabin... (HEAVA-A-A-A-NNN!).
Its at the corner, got a big window in front of me. Even though most cabins have 4 people sharing it, because of the location of this one, it has a BIG (And I mean Big!!) pillar right behind me, which makes it a one person cabin. Nobody would know if I did the Manipuri tribal dance in it.

* Got a very important letter.

* I finally decided to completely quit coffee (Outside home - Hey! Terms & Conditions always apply dude). And I went the entire 123 hours without coffee. Had a big bucket of coffee when I got back home though. Twice.
So as long as I'm outta town, my famous "Thank you God for Chocolate, Cricket and Coffee" becomes "Thank you God for Chocolate, Cricket and Katrina Kaif"

* And no, I didn't visit that Plastic surgeon


  1. A cabin with a window-lucky man!!

  2. Pictures please! Window view and all and no going to the place that we call the gateway to hell!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY LUCKY you!!!!