Monday, 14 June 2010

Breaking news

I seem to be able to access blogger from office :D

I hope this ain't temporary. I may not be able to write lengthy stories from here..but atleast I will be able to approve the comments and stuff in real time. Don't like waiting all weekend for that.

Had a long weekend, with cousin getting married (To a guy who seems to wear lipstick) and all. Couldn't go back home. And this pleasant little surprise when I got back today. Was on leave this Monday.

Ok, lemme get back to the world of zombies now. They are all scratching their nails against the glass while drooling on it. I'll go throw them a chicken or something.


  1. Lovely gift eh? Blogger accessible from office!!

    happy birthday! :)

  2. thats cool man. Here in my office, sometimes a page which has the word blog in it is blocked!!