Sunday, 11 July 2010

Forty thousand fists in the air

*Quick Post*

Looks like I have crossed 40k.  I like numbers :) Dunno after these many years, if that's a good number or a bad number. I just know that when I started, I would have been happy to know this would happen.

Thank you

In other news, I realised some blogs are missing. Some time ago someone had asked me why I deleted a story after publishing it. Not realising what had happened, I assumed I deleted it and didn't realise it. Now I see that 2 more blogs from around same time are missing. Happened to anyone else?

In yet another news, I just read "The crazy snake guy" and trust me, two months on, I didn't get some parts of it myself. (That should set me back a few readers. Sucks when you all you have are few readers.). It gets crazier when I read my diary, though I hardly read them both.