Sunday, 4 July 2010

Of all the insane things I have done this year...

...this has gotta be the most insane.

I return home every weekend. This weekend was not the same. I had a weekend party to organize along with a few others for my company and my cousins wedding on Sunday.

As eventful as it was, missing my sleep and being so tired and all, I was already missing home. I have no clue how people stay away from their home towns for so long. But once you have lived here, you have lived.

Drowsy and tired, I convinced myself that this week would be over and soon it would be Friday, as I folded all my clothes and put in my suitcase in order (Yes, still living out of my suitcase.). Soon I realised it was almost 8 and took my room mate out so that he could buy a cellphone (He has a knack of having his cell phones stolen.). When we were finally having dinner, still drowsy eyed, two people messaged me that Monday was a holiday. And just like that, without any logic or fore thought, I got on my bike and rode 150 odd Kilo meters home.

If deciding to drive 150 KMs in under a second at night (to be at home for just ONE day) and then actually going through with the idea wasn't insane enough, coming home after doing 150 KMs and blogging about it the first thing definitely is.

I wonder what happened to my room mate.