Sunday, 29 August 2010

One Sinful Night

Friday evening it is, everybody's in casuals,
Somehow it has gone on a little longer than usual.
That's because he was asked to work the weekend,
Now he knew it, the world was about to end.

TGIF no more, he sat there alone,
Tying loose ends, breaking the back bone,
As the lights switched off one by one,
There she was standing, speaking on the phone.

Two of the loneliest souls in the world,
So to have stayed back this late, wasn't absurd.
Their eyes met and smiles appeared,
The air of awkwardness had disappeared.

"Coffee?" He asked, as if he had known her forever.
"Yess!!" She said, like she had waited forever.
A cup of coffee, a chocolate pastry, won't it be fun?
Little did they know, their sinful night had just begun.

The date was a done deal in the blink of an eye,
and yet they weren't done, they wanted more tonight.
"I hate to go back to my room, my room-mates are all gone"
"Well, then lets go to your place and extend this conversation?"

It was raining as they both headed to his house, soaking wet,
The phone calls were already made, the excuses were set.
His intentions might have been innocent, expectations light,
But all his beliefs, principles and conscience were readying for a fight.

And then it started, when she spotted his bottle of Vodka,
Just right, to awaken their admirable chutzpa
He turned on the music, dignity went for a toss,
Went to the guy next door and borrowed some grass.

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll,
Under the influence of alcohol,
Fuck all the rules, rules are for fools,
Virginity, after all, is not all that cool.

Sweaty palms, loud moans, names taken in whispery breaths,
scratched backs, liberated souls, lightly tugging her jet black tress.
With Led Zepplin, Guns and Roses and Metallica in one playlist,
Bare bodies, cold marble floor, dim lit light and clasped fists,

"Take a chance, live your life,
Absolutely no point in always being right."
Everything he was against, he was now embracing,
This one sinful night, his heart was racing.

A sense of completeness all the way to his core,
Sinned he has, but now he feels pure.
How can sense of purity come from a night like this?
His conscience is an evil genius I am sure.

Should I say this was all a dream and end this song?
Fantasy! Never happened, nothing really went wrong?
Or should I admit, that there is a new kid in town?
That the rude old guy we knew, loved, is now moving On?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Somewhere in the Himalayas

On a trip to the snowy Himalayas, most normal people would have a cold, utter some words of amazement, some have a snowball fight, while a few have an imagination enough to build a snowman. It must be obvious now, that people around me are a tad better than normal.

Kav(Almost seen in the picture) and Anush(who refused to pose with me) built an Iceman.

Yes girls, I am just as cute as that guy. Totally!