Sunday, 31 October 2010

Introspection and The Five year plan

I'm a true Gemini. The only person who will know my deepest desires and plans will be me. Here I attempt to go against that trait and publish for all to see, a small fraction of what I wouldn't have preferred to disclose, usually...

Recently a person asked me a question out of the blue – “So tell me about you. What are you good at?
She had me completely stunned. I had no answer at all. Time and again such incidents should not keep reminding me that I have been a loser all my life. I think it's high time I do something so that I don't have to face the situation again. Oh about the answer? I told her one of my original Rajnikant jokes and she forgot to repeat her question later or decided not to.

It led me to think of what I want to do in the next five years. So I put down a list and somehow I feel it is connected to me being a step more productive in life. Don’t ask me how. Also these are the list of things don't require the Gods to descend upon middle earth to help me finish it off. The plan is open to tweaking and additions mind you. As long as it doesn't mess with the basic idea. Here it is-

* Pay off the education loan
            This might be the most important of them all. There are some things I would finally want to get for myself. Before I go crazy with that idea, I need to pay off my loan first. Helps the conscience ;)

* Buy a car with no mortgage
            I am a biker dude - No doubt. This is for the family. Some car. We never had one.

* Spend all my money - Once!
            Money makes the world go round. So make it go round. However I don’t intend to feature this plan in any other 5 year plan ever.

* Tell a girl You love her and mean it.
Note: I know this not something that can be "done" or "achieved" at will. Save me your gyan! And No, I have never said it to anyone with or without meaning it or whatever. Stop assuming. Wait, keep assuming, it’s more fun this way, like the time you all thought I screwed someone at work. Anyway, I hear all you singles shouting against it (or now wondering if you should) me - I've been there, done that! At the end of five years from today I will be closing in on my 30s and will be only 20 years away from settling down ;) 

* Add 7 kilos
             Yeah Yeah Yeah..wtvr!! Maybe this should be achieved before my previously listed plan, otherwise I will just end up being rejected.

* Don’t let this list turn into a bucket list
            Self explanatory.

I considered adding 'Higher studies' in there. But then, I am not really sure I can. At this point, it would take a miracle. In that case, the list would say: 
-Turn into a superhero
-Save two million lives from peril
-Improve forest cover
-Reverse Global warming
-Get the beautiful girl For your very own Happily Ever After


A little note of interest before we go
I asked about 6-7 people about what I should do to make my life more worth it. (No I am not suffering from depression. It’s the result of a bit of introspection.)
Around five people gave me only one instant reply – Write a book!

Now I don’t see myself doing that, so putting that to rest – What would you suggest? You can also tell me about your five year plan. Maybe your list will help me improve mine ;)


Let us revisit this list in the Sweet November of 2015 and see if I walked the walk.


  1. Ah. Interesting and refreshing.
    I'd like you to add- Go for a full fledged long vacation. Just leave the world behind, and indulge in yourself.
    Also, maybe try out your own Stand up comedy act or something. You are good at jokes, you should spread the laughter.

  2. Save up all money - for once!
    Get a job
    Move to a new country (again!)
    lose 7 kilos! :P

    Not necessarily in that particular order!

  3. @Anusha Interesting! Thnx. And I think the vacation would also take a miracle as things stand right now.

    What ya got against our beautiful country? :P
    But good list neverthless - Though I don't see why you need to lose those 7 kilos! ;)

  4. awww:) you made my day!

    Got nothing against, just want to be away from here and live somewhere for a while and come right back to live in that thotti mane! :)

  5. Is that "because I care what you think" above the comment field sarcasm? I hope so :)

    I would have liked to steal this idea for one of my own posts, but the truth is that I have way too many melancholy Ian Curtis type of posts, and I don't need any more of that kind of material... so don't mind if I stink up your blog with my 5-year goals:

    * Buy a house in Philadelphia. 
    Not a "starter house" - the real deal.

    * Get married. *
    I've had the right guy for 6 years now so if I can't seal the deal in the next 5 years, something is wrong with me.

    * Have my 1st child. *
    I would love to start having kids in my 30s, but a woman's eggs begin to slowly decline after 30, and rapidly after 35. So I have to consider that disgusting science. My first kid at 29 would be ideal, but I must be married first. 

    * Get a license. *
    Not a car, just the ability to drive in case I need to rent one or borrow one in the future. I'm also a bike person, and I love my Bianchi.

    * Finish bachelors and masters degree programs. *
    I started college late, and the 1st 3 goals hinge on this one.

    * Read more - particularly the classics. *
    150 influential books in 5 years sounds attainable.