Thursday, 14 October 2010

Waiting for Deepavali leave

There is a holiday declared on Nov 1st and 5th. So I just have to apply 3 days of leave (Which I don't have anymore in the first place) in order to enjoy 9 days of vacation. I approached my manager in August and September for the approval of the same. [BTW My manager and my team lead have taken an oath to ruin my life, but that's another story]. He has denied both the times.

His reason is that since I am more local I can't be granted the leave since there are scores of other people waiting in line.

Looks like it ain't happening!


  1. Medical emergencies! and then thank the lord for the existence of such a concept called coincidence :)

    When is deepavali exactly though? and why is 5th a holiday?

  2. I was talking to manager about work and he asked me about my holiday plans so before i even asked he said any other days other than 2-3 next month? He wrote down and din't say anything eventhough almost everyone is team is on leave! :D. lucky me :P

  3. :D... the photo is so super cool.. where did you source it from??

    i hope you get the extra days, but honestly, an office that shuts for 5 days at a stretch is a luxury in the first place in this time and age.. wht say??

  4. @V yes..but after asking him twice, he will know I am lying. 5th is Deepavali!

    @Kav lucky ass

    @Gauri Few days back I was home for 3 days and it was boring, but only because there were no friends around.
    But Deepavali holidays (9 days) will be different since everyone is coming home.

  5. The idea to put the particular picture for this post is really cool.. Thumbs up!!

  6. All..thnx to the accident, I finally got that leave :P

    @V You should speak more pleasant truths for me. They seem to come true :D