Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mind Hung up - Press any key to continue

The whole gang was here at the same place, at the same time at full leizure after over a year and had planned a trip - but it was cancelled, because of me.

All the friends are gone now, back to their work towns far far away, the weekend that was supposed to be fun has gone past in lightning fast speed.

Haven't packed the bags yet for the journey to follow and the bike is just not behaving.

Yet to decide whether to leave today at 5PM or extended the cozy stay at home for another 12 hours and leave in the morning.

And how are ya gonna leave? Trust the bike won't break down in between towns or wake up before the birds and take the bus?

I hate taking the city bus to office. I hate crowds and you always have to be on gaurd.

 - Too much man...too much.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Captain's log... date Twenty Eleven. Me and my team (my alter ego) found ourselves on deck at exactly 0600 hrs with a body ache and a light case of the rhino. After much thought I decided to inform call of the mission to travel to the work galaxy and stay at home for another day.

I shall continue with the mission journey tomorrow again at 0600 hrs. Over and out.

In simpler words, I applied leave cause I had a cold.

Its gonna be a restful but boring day, but hey! I'm half way through and now wishing I didn't have to leave tomorrow. Damn!

And a quick recommendation while we are here - watch Little Miss Sunshine. It was on my list of movies to watch for over 4 years, had never found the time. Its story of one hellishly dysfunctional family -
A divorced and married again, nicotine addicted mom.
Her son from the first marriage who is on a vow of silence for 9 months running.
A bankrupt dad who is the stereotype crap self help book writer obsessed about winning.
His dad, who is a heroine snorting, foul mouthed, but yet the sweetest grandpa.
The mom's bro who is a gay 'preeminent Proust scholar in America' with suicidal tendencies.
and lastly the little girl who is Super cute! She is the star of the movie. Im now a fan of this actress - Abigail Breslin. (She was cute in Signs and Zombieland too.)
The story is set around their journey to a beauty pageant to which the girl is shortlisted to enter. Totally loved, do watch it, if ya haven't already.

I hate having to stay away from home for such a long time. Somebody find a way out!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Street dogs - just as good as any other


Somewhere a puppy is alone and on the street waiting to be eternally faithful to a master kind enough to shelter it.

Adopt a puppy today!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The song of seven Xs

I bring here the song of my seven ex-s,
that must raise some eye brows.
Let me not waste your time anymore,
This is how the story goes...

The first thought I needed anger management,
While my second girl was way too huge.
I realised I lacked the nice guy element,
When they all said I was a douche.

The third left me for a richer guy
The fourth for a less arrogant one
The fifth left for a meatier man,
By then, I knew I was nearly done!

Finally number six, came walking into my life,
she was a real keeper, the kind to take home to mum,
But one issue came up too many times, ending in a strife,
She was pissed that I knew too many girls and boys she knew none.

And Im confused whether to smile or frown,
when my roomie walks into my room - in vain,
Kicks me hard in the shins and says-
"Wake up, you are dreaming of girls once more, we will be late for work, again"

This might have been just a song and nothing more to read,
but I put a question to you now, its answer will I need,
What would my seventh girl leave me for, how will it all bleed?
The hint for the riddle plainly lies in the word 'seven' indeed!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Death of a blog

How do blogs die?                                                                                                                                 

I am the kind of guy who believes in burning out. The blog is one exception where I may seem to fade away, but in reality, I am just a regular blogger who has wandered into a fog (as thick as pea soup) in the gloomy heart of London waiting patiently for an Indian summer.

Though still the same ordinary guy chosen by almighty to go through extra-ordinary(I believe!) situations, I once used to withold the things I went through just to write here. Now everybody I meet comes to know of it before it ends up here.

There are a few posts in the drafts bin I will publish, But I wondered if it was time to take a break after that? Or if it was the end of the insanity? I thought about it for a few days and said,
Screw this Sh!t..
I can't quit!!
(Only because it rhymes.)

After this little drizzle in a tea cup, I think I better pimp my blog, but of course - ain't got the patience for it.

My other option was to start another blog anonymously (I mean really really anonymously), which will mean none of you will ever come to know about it.

Oh the things I could tell you if my pesky cousin (we call her 'Ratty' with love) didn't submit hourly updates of my blog to my mum.

Ma, I love you, can you please stop wondering if I am doing crack or the neighbourhood girl?

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year '11

I hope the year brings everything in a better quality, quantity and spirit than the years that passed!

Thank you all for the wishes. My year has taken off with a total bang. My network carrier decided to disconnect my phone at 0000hrs exactly, because there were some documents missing. (Which I did submit yesterday morning!). What an Idea sirji?
However, its not clear what disconnect really means, because some calls are getting through while most calls get 'call rejected' signal. In some cases, I recieve missed calls *slaps forehead* Most messages are getting through too. However, I am unable to respond or call back. So have to thank you here for now, Thank You! Again, for all the wishes and Happy new year :)