Monday, 24 January 2011

Captain's log... date Twenty Eleven. Me and my team (my alter ego) found ourselves on deck at exactly 0600 hrs with a body ache and a light case of the rhino. After much thought I decided to inform call of the mission to travel to the work galaxy and stay at home for another day.

I shall continue with the mission journey tomorrow again at 0600 hrs. Over and out.

In simpler words, I applied leave cause I had a cold.

Its gonna be a restful but boring day, but hey! I'm half way through and now wishing I didn't have to leave tomorrow. Damn!

And a quick recommendation while we are here - watch Little Miss Sunshine. It was on my list of movies to watch for over 4 years, had never found the time. Its story of one hellishly dysfunctional family -
A divorced and married again, nicotine addicted mom.
Her son from the first marriage who is on a vow of silence for 9 months running.
A bankrupt dad who is the stereotype crap self help book writer obsessed about winning.
His dad, who is a heroine snorting, foul mouthed, but yet the sweetest grandpa.
The mom's bro who is a gay 'preeminent Proust scholar in America' with suicidal tendencies.
and lastly the little girl who is Super cute! She is the star of the movie. Im now a fan of this actress - Abigail Breslin. (She was cute in Signs and Zombieland too.)
The story is set around their journey to a beauty pageant to which the girl is shortlisted to enter. Totally loved, do watch it, if ya haven't already.

I hate having to stay away from home for such a long time. Somebody find a way out!


  1. Ive always seen just one half of the movie. Should get hold of it, and watch the whole thing.
    Enjoy the sick leave :P

  2. I have seen i ages ago, I remember liking it, should probably watch it again.

    What’s with everyone in bangalore being sick?! Hope you get well soon!

  3. I too loved this movie ! :)

    Yeah , That girl is super cute :). I like that dance in the end! :D

  4. @Kav Hehe..the dance is ulti. Completely unexpected!

    @V I dunno V, definitely doesn't feel like a virus.

    Had to extend the leave. Im off today too :D

  5. Wow-youve earned yourself a nice short vacation at home !! Enjoy sirjee :D