Thursday, 6 January 2011

Death of a blog

How do blogs die?                                                                                                                                 

I am the kind of guy who believes in burning out. The blog is one exception where I may seem to fade away, but in reality, I am just a regular blogger who has wandered into a fog (as thick as pea soup) in the gloomy heart of London waiting patiently for an Indian summer.

Though still the same ordinary guy chosen by almighty to go through extra-ordinary(I believe!) situations, I once used to withold the things I went through just to write here. Now everybody I meet comes to know of it before it ends up here.

There are a few posts in the drafts bin I will publish, But I wondered if it was time to take a break after that? Or if it was the end of the insanity? I thought about it for a few days and said,
Screw this Sh!t..
I can't quit!!
(Only because it rhymes.)

After this little drizzle in a tea cup, I think I better pimp my blog, but of course - ain't got the patience for it.

My other option was to start another blog anonymously (I mean really really anonymously), which will mean none of you will ever come to know about it.

Oh the things I could tell you if my pesky cousin (we call her 'Ratty' with love) didn't submit hourly updates of my blog to my mum.

Ma, I love you, can you please stop wondering if I am doing crack or the neighbourhood girl?


  1. Btw, why did ya change the pic from the moon thing, to the double ended candle ??

  2. Not starting another blog. No time. And if I would, there would be no tipping off anyone.

    The pic - well..just felt like the blog needed a change.