Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mind Hung up - Press any key to continue

The whole gang was here at the same place, at the same time at full leizure after over a year and had planned a trip - but it was cancelled, because of me.

All the friends are gone now, back to their work towns far far away, the weekend that was supposed to be fun has gone past in lightning fast speed.

Haven't packed the bags yet for the journey to follow and the bike is just not behaving.

Yet to decide whether to leave today at 5PM or extended the cozy stay at home for another 12 hours and leave in the morning.

And how are ya gonna leave? Trust the bike won't break down in between towns or wake up before the birds and take the bus?

I hate taking the city bus to office. I hate crowds and you always have to be on gaurd.

 - Too much man...too much.


  1. Where on earth do you breathe? Will you ever care to talk to me?

    I want to talk to you, you invisible insane character!

    Too much man, too much!!!